07 March 2008

U.S. Law.com and BostonNOW both feature KingCast/Chris King's 1st Amendment Page as a solid blogger.

I am very pleased to be included in the USLaw.com blog directory as noted. The site maintains "The easiest access to the greatest law blogs from the best blawgers."

And of course BostonNOW featured a KingCast blog last week on the Tai Ho fire tragedy, but this week they actually published the blog entry regarding the antiquated method of balloon construction that has played a substantial role in at least two deaths over the past 3 months in the greater Boston area. They called it "Burning Balloon," and I likened the situation to that of the recalled Ford Pinto.

They have not yet published anything on the Franconia shooting tragedy cover up, but we'll see what happens when Judge Vaughn issues a substantive decision.

KingCast and Chris King's 1st Amendment Page:
It's okay to admit you read it =^.)


Christopher King said...

I've been through hell to get here, and I'm just getting started.

Anonymous said...

absolutely everything happens for good reason, and all in due course. congrats on the well deserved recognition - keep it going.

Christopher King said...

Yah, and serendipity is where you find it.