17 March 2008

Sunshine Week post #2: Asking Nick Pappas and Joe McQuaid when they will cover the KingCast Right-to-Know victories over Ayotte and Franconia?

Dear Publisher McQuaid and Managing Editor Pappas:

The Nashua Telegraph dedicated an entire section to Sunshine Week and wrote:
Sunshine Week is a national initiative to open a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information.

Fact: Today's Nashua Telegraph ran this Sunshine Week story "Right to privacy shifts (toward disclosure) in digital age" about a Privacy issue while ignoring the Franconia Right-to-Know developments and a pending case right here in Hillsborough South/Nashua Superior Court 08-E-093 involving an issue that is currently up front and center at the Harvard Law blog as noted 3 paragraphs below. Neither of your publications has done anything with either story even though law has been made, and is about to be made.

That having been said, at this point I respectively ask both of you to schedule a meeting in the next week with retired Mayor Bernie Streeter and me about your coverage of the Franconia shooting tragedy. I don't even have to ask him if he agrees because I know he does and I hope you would agree as well given the KingCast Court victories this month before Grafton Superior Judge Vaughn, 07-E-268.

Fact: As noted in Sunshine Week post #1, NH AG Kelly Ayotte was found to have acted ILLEGALLY with respect to homicide protocol and the Bruce McKay dash cam video (that KingCast will soon be reviewing pursuant to Court ORDER) in RSA 91-A/Right-to-Know, and I have put both of you on Actual Notice of the victory but yet there is no coverage of that.

Fact: Nor is there any coverage of the Privacy case of KingCast/Jesseman v. Union Leader that involves someone posting the FALSE private thoughts of private citizen Brian Jesseman about politics and law enforcement and HB 1428 for Bruce McKay Highway, even though I emailed and telephoned reporters/editors at both papers about the situation, and even though Harvard Law blog and others agree with the KingCast position.

This is news guys, come on. It would be different if the underlying story never graced your respective front pages, but it has, on several occasions. For more about my knowledge of news, and my professional acumen for making the assertions I am about to make, visit the comments.

Fact: I'll be finishing two key Memoranda for Judge Vaughn and for Judge Lynn this evening/tomorrow a.m. that will be featured right here at:

1. Franconia Compliance Memorandum on costs/punitive damages.

2. Post Hearing Memorandum on viability of claims for Brian Jesseman and Standing for KingCast to sue. Here's a paragraph on that one.
D: Summary
All you have in this World guaranteed are your thoughts. And once the Court allows people to steal those unique thoughts and to use them -- indeed misappropriate them for their own political or financial gain and not as satire, while falsely purporting to be the "signatory" -- we really have no reason to proclaim America to be the Land of the Free. People could just steal your thoughts under imprimatur of the Court and use them to promote the causes to which you are diametrically opposed. There’s no Court in the World that should condone that activity.

Fact: Your newspapers did not offer any coverage, contemporaneous or post hoc, although the Telegraph did issue this editorial about a year ago when KingCast prevailed on Right-to-Know at the Nashua School Board and several board members commended me for my professionalism.

Query, why haven't you contacted me about the current cases right here in New Hampshire, instead of running AP out-of-State stories?

I'm out here in the trenches, garnering Sunshine victories and you're ignoring it.

I expect to hear from you shortly.


Christopher King said...

On 4 February 2007 the Telegraph ran this editorial about KingCast and the First Amendment, lauding my successful efforts to change public policy in the Julia Earl aftermath in which I engaged local Aldermen, Town Counsel and many others.

Fact: I've been an editor and a reporter at the statewide weekly Ohio Call & Post newspaper and daily Indianapolis Star, respectively. I have proven I know more than a bit about First Amendment and Right-to-Know Law and more than that, which I won't even get into right now, suffice it to say I've won a coupla' Jury trials on First Amendment and wrote major portions of a successful Ohio Supreme Court case on it. State v. Lessin 1993 I think, just Google it, whatever.

Christopher King said...

Electronic Frontier Foundation celebrates Sunshine Week, not that they've ever given KingCast a holler.

Something tells me I'm not supposed to be here.

Which is all the more reason I think I'll stick around.

See what happens, oh, yah.

Christopher King said...

Meanwhile back at the ranch, Citizen Jesseman reports from today's Franconia town meeting.

"5. Missing was any mention was made of Article 2, Ross Ambulance. This article was tabled for further study, presumably by an unnamed committee.

8. My concerns about the Greg Floyd Tyeband finally came before the board. I think this post had some influence there.


The board members all admitted they had no recollection of this even though Sally Small claimed she had brought it up, though not as an agenda item. I’ll be making an RSA-91-A request for minutes of meetings to back this statement up (actually I’ve already done this and have been ignored for a month). Regardless, this should have been an agenda item from the get-go, not an "oh by the way" mention. Stay tuned for more on "Band-Gate".

9. Kingcast V. Franconia. Judge Vaughn’s ruling was handed out to each of the Board members. Carleen inquired as to when this was received and why it was not given to the Select Board earlier. Sally indicated she had received it March 11, but felt Town Meeting took precidence. When pressed as to why it was not delivered to the Selectmen the day after, Sally told Carleen she could have come in and got it. I’m not sure how Carleen was to know it had been received to request a copy, nor was she. Sally also said if Carleen wanted to know about it sooner she could go to my blog, the details were there.

There you have it, props for the blog directly from the Select Board. I guess everyone reads this blog."

lucidiocy said...

Anybody ever tell you you're a dangerous, black philosophical orator?


Christopher King said...

Ummmm...... Lemme think about that for a minute...... yes, yes, yes indeed that is pretty much what the Board of Grievances said to me when they pulled my ticket for a year after we tape recorded the landlord who had called my client a "nigger lover."

Actually it's an amalgam between the Board "King is a philosophical orator" and what American Tower Corporation said "King is a Dangerous Black Man" when they called a staff meeting. They then called the police on me. Listen to the actual call right here in this video, obtained through the Right-to-Know law of Massachusetts.

Yah, Attorney Crnilovic-Phillips, Devon Sawyer, J.D., Michael Mae and I all successfully sued those dirtbags, and so did the Teresian Monks for contract breach and their shareholders for backdating stock options ($14M settlement).

What a trip.

I'm certain that the Board of Grievances will look forward to my application for return to practice later this year though, seeing as my suspension was only from 2002-2003 and they see all of the good work I'm doing now.

The patience of Job.