18 March 2008

Sunshine Week post #3: Ensuring Defendants Ayotte and Franconia compliance with the 6 March 2008 Order in KingCast v. Ayotte et al, Grafton 07-E-268.

18 March 2008

Dear Defendant Ayotte:

Pursuant to Court ORDER, please provide a list of times for the weeks of 23 and 31 March, 2008 in which my crew and I can come, inspect and copy the original dash cam video from Bruce McKay's Tahoe from when he bashed Liko Kenney's car back and then OC Sprayed him in direct violation of town protocol.

Dear Attorney Mullen:

I spoke with the Court today and they don't have the Affidavits you were ORDERED to produce from any and all personnel involved in the so-called information searches regarding Bruce McKay's use of force/arrest reports and other related documentation. You haven't provided me a copy of your court filing with the Affidavits and now I know a Good Reason for that: Jeffery Jesseman attended the Town meeting last night (Citizen Jesseman blog) and Sally Small finally distributed copies of Judge Vaughn's Decision that she had in her possession since 11 March, 2008.

So please tell me when you can overcome your client control problems and adhere to the ORDER of the Court. Y'all know the drill: If I don't have email or snail mail answers by Saturday 22 March, 2008 I'll be in touch with His Honor.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net


Christopher King said...

These guys keep jackin' around they might wind up looking at some serious sanctions.

When I finish my Compliance Memorandum on Costs tonight/tomorrow morning for Priority Mail Service to the Court I'm definitely going to mention the fact that Sally Small held Judge Vaughn's order for a week; just totally disrespected the man and the Court.

Oh, yah.

Anonymous said...

Audio from yesterday's selectboard meeting will be a hoot. Judge Vaughn would be impressed to know the board learned about his findings from a blog while the report languished at the Town Hall.

Anonymous said...

Go Sally (NOT)!!!! See Sally sit on the court papers. Watch Rich twiddle his thumbs while Carl says repeat after me, "I am Carl the headmaster" and Carleen scratches her head in bewilderment as what to do with these clowns.

Sorry, but Judge Vaughn rules.