14 March 2008

Overheard statement by a courthouse hater: "How does KingCast support himself... he doesn't have a job."

Okay. I'm not getting into it by name who said it, or who heard it but I know a reporter heard it and that's all I will say. The walls have ears and the Spirit of Liko Kenney and KingCast lies somewhere in any and every public building so you best watch your step before you shoot that mouth off.

Anyway, for the record, I work at this law firm and at this motorcycle dealer, where I am Internet manager. The law firm I have worked at off and on for about 3 years now, and the motorcycle dealer since October '07, or 5-6 months.

Former NH AG John Arnold asked the same question in this KingCast video, "Oreo," when Prosecutor Bill Albrecht -- who left under an ethics investigation -- tried to revoke my bail and get a gag order against this blog. He lost on both counts, then lost the case and lost his job. Nice. Same thing happened to his buddy, former Jaffrey Chief Dunn, who is one of Kelly's heroes, too.

Some negroes DO have jobs, you know.

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Christopher King said...

Littleton, NH
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Straight Talk wrote:
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I wouldn't post it here. Tell it to Chris.

After much thought, I do agree. I have recently found an e-mail address for him. I will e-mail the info to him and he can decide what to do with it.
I wish I could have heard more of the conversation but I was outside of the room (door opened). I drove a friend there to pick up papers.

I will say this...There was mention that McKays friends,family and co-workers saw this coming and did nothing to stop it. Also, Chris does not work and how does he "support" himself......Chris, you unemployed bum.....