27 March 2008

NH AG Kelly Ayotte passes the buck to Lt. Charles West on the Bruce McKay Tahoe original video of the 5/11 tragedy when Gregory Floyd murdered Liko.

As to the reggae issue noted in the comments, Liko's friend and state lobbyist Oliver Ruff and I were living in the danger zone from the get go. But don't get it twisted because on 5/11 before Liko and Bruce died I totally praised Defendant Ayotte on a First Amendment Commercial Speech Rush Limbaugh Oxycontin issue and I meant it with all of my heart. Watch Oliver and me in the Hallowed Halls of the New Hampshire State House in this video. Kelly wrote me today, finally after more than a week of unanswered inquiry:
"If you wish to review the original videotape, you will need to contact Lt. Charles West at the New Hampshire blah blah blah....."

Check out the "investigation" rap between Lt. West and 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd from this verbatim post of 21 January 2008.

Remember this highly-esteemed officer, Sgt. Wentworth called Liko Kenney a "dirtbag."

Read the comments for the disclaimer. There will be cameras present when I have my chat with Lt. West you better believe it. Anyone who wants to come with me, let's find a nice 23 window microbus and rock it hard.


At pdf 894 and 903 Floyd claims that he never got Liko's gun cleared -- which is certifiably false:

"Both were test fired and found to function normally."

He got it cleared and he put the jammed bullet into his pocket as proved (pdf. 564) then he loaded Liko's second clip to make it appear that Liko had done so after he finished murdering him, IMHO.

Also any notion of conversation from Floyd to Liko is totally bogus, even though Kelly's (unsigned) Official Report has Floyd saying "I told him whatever came into my mind...." because Floyd clearly says at 874
"And then you know I, I walked up at that time and uh, probably within four seconds had shot the driver."
This supports his previously-documented statement on another volume:

Page 20/1,000:
"Did you say anything before you fired?"
"No, I didn't"

And that's what Caleb said as well:
Page 11/1,000
The man said nothing before he fired."

But Sgt. West is Floyd's buddy, listen to this comment:

Pdf 886:
"You're giving him time by you working the mechanism and under the situation that's pretty cool, I think."

Sir: I think not. "Four seconds," remember...... I think you and your staff intentionally ignored the windshield bullet because that proves that Floyd started shooting from across the street; McKay's gun was operating just fine, immediately. And you know what else I think? I think with all due respect your "investigation" should undergo scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Justice or an International body if necessary because the whole World can see it was a sham. And that's all on NH AG Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire's highest legal officer.

Good thing this guy is walking around on percocet and effexor (874), an anti-depressant. But threatening people like A.J. Boisvert makes him happy, so as long as he can do that, he'll be all right.


Christopher King said...

Disclaimer about the murder:

In my opinion, that is.

But the Union Leader doesn't offer such disclaimer when it defines Michael Briggs' killing as a murder.

Briggs is an officer whom I admire BTW.

Admire or not, there are journalistic principles to which you must adhere. You cannot say "murder" until it is proved by plea or verdict.

KingCast: So simple, so smooth in your cranium unless you're a hater.

I'm like happy fun ball.... do not mess with happy fun ball....

I've give you a third eye like Gregory Floyd, Kelly Ayotte's hero.

KingCast: Been around the block a few times. Wanna ride?


Christopher King said...

Oh, my Gosh:

On WERS there is a local artist Vibewise jamming right now and they said they are tired of po' folks gettin' disrepected.

These guys chant HARD I am in awe.

As a former AAG and former resident lawyer for two reggae club owners I am going to meet these people and chant down Babylon like there's no tomorrow, for Liko Kenney and all of us po' folks who get disrespected by the Man.

I know Liko Kenney loved Toots and the Maytals who are coming to New England again in the next few weeks. I've danced with Toots on stage in Boston.

Reggae is the key. Look at Liko.

He ain't no cop killer hater. He was a scared young man, just as Bruce McKay's wife was a scared young lady.


Anonymous said...

ahhh - now i understand your frequent mention of and connection to "terry gilbert". fascinating...nice to find a good summary of the marilyn shepherd case in one place.

i admire SRS's courage...he is, at every level, a true freedom fighter.

there is much to consider when rethinking the death penalty. at the very least, the moral burden of conscience falls to the state when someone has been wrongly accused, sentenced and executed.

gregory floyd acted not to save the life of mckay, but to take the life of liko kenney. the state applauded his actions and they call this justice. i disagree.

obviously, the truth lies somewhere between liko kenney's being "wrong" and gregory floyd's being "right".

Christopher King said...


You left out one Truth, and that is the fact that the government failed in its mission to address the many complaints against Bruce McKay.

Working for Terry is one of the greatest things in any clerk's life.


Anonymous said...

Exactly Chris,

McKay was not fit to be an officer of the law and it was shown over and over. He should not have been allowed to be on the force. He abused his power and used it to bully and intimidate people.

Anonymous said...

My greatest fears were assuaged by Charles West, fears that the investigation would not be carried out with the utmost integrity. Every rock would be turned over---

Christopher King said...


Negligent Hire
Negligent Retention
Negligent Supervision.

Could be a Class Action suit and guess what: The Statute of Limitations is just now starting to run because it took the KingCast litigation to free up most of the proof.


That's a Good One. I'll be putting a call into Sgt. West's office today or Monday.


Anonymous said...

Liko's acting out of fear-
Negligent hire-
Negligent retention-
Negligent supervision-
are all factors that have been obvious to us.
Why do they come into play as a class action suit now?

Anonymous said...

from Topix:

Also, in my opinion, if Liko were not murdered by Floyd, thus denied his day in court, he would have been aquitted in the death of McKay....Liko acted in self defense......Liko had every right to defend himself and was forced to do so based on the actions of a psychotic man and a system the failed him over and over and over and over and over. Remember where there is an action, there is a reaction. Negative in, negative out.....

Comment on this, please...the moral issues surrounding this case are intertwined with matters of legal importance, but have often been ignored.

I've emailed some collective members privately and individually in the past, and really received only one complete response. I've been ignored by others, including you.

Christopher King said...


I certainly wouldn't intentionally ignore you.

I'm heading out right now and will respond this evening.

Meanwhile read the new FOIA request to the U.S. Attorney.


Christopher King said...

The quick answer I will leave you is this.

Run Dean Shalhoup's name on this blawg.

Run Huey Newton's name on this blawg.

And then read this post about Will Robinson.

It's "legalese" but it's Populist and pretty down to Earth, real stuff yah.

And the Spirit of this thing is in its very existence.

Run "spirit" as a search term.

It's All Good.