11 March 2008

The Liko Kenney Bruce McKay Park Bench: KingCast explains the plan for any potential monies in Judge Vaughn's Consideration of Costs.

Okay. The Court, as noted in the Bob Dylan Post, noted that there may be costs assessed against Defendant(s) Ayotte/Franconia/Chief Montminy in this matter.

As they say across the pond I'm going to stop and take a piss right now: Look Kelly. I'm a former AAG. Don't think you can just up and fail to give me your homicide protocol when I ask for it. That's disrespectful and I aim to make you pay the price for that for the rest of your natural life. So we got that clear.

Here then, is the explicit detail about what I intend to do with such monies if indeed any are appropriated. I am going to flat out ask for $10,000.00.



That's all I need to buy a joint park bench and small marble stone in Liko and Bruce's name with some serious inscriptions in honor of the best qualities of both men, and to pay back some loans and buy a $2,500 car, now that my latest SAAB succumbed to front frame rail rot on 10 Jan 2008. They do that. That would be on the way home from the hearing itself, made it home with steel belts showing from the busted alignment, BTW. Uncanny. This ain't no "money case" and it never was intended as such. I'll make my money later from other avenues that have nothing to do with this case. So we got that clear.

Also, the bench idea is mine and not necessarily agreed to by co-Plaintiff Brian Jesseman in Hillsborogh 08-E-093. I'm sure that Brian and many others favor a bench/memorial for Liko or for Bruce and never the twain shall meet. But as usual, I'm trying to be the Reasonable Man, to do the most I can for healing because Gosh Knows I have cried myself to sleep over this case many a night.

Anyway, after viewing dozens of park benches as I contemplate the onerous tasks of preparing a Damages Brief for Judge Vaughn and a Post Hearing Brief for Judge Lynn in the KingCast/Brian Jesseman v. Union Leader case, I chose the Vermont photo because you know it's indigenous. And there is an artist's name on it, so that I didn't steal it without attribution, or worse yet with false attribution. Not bad, eh?

Seriously: All you have in this World guaranteed are your thoughts. And once the Court allows people to steal those unique thoughts and to use them -- indeed misappropriate them for their own political or financial gain and not as satire, while falsely purporting to be the "signatory" -- we really have no reason to proclaim America to be the Land of the Free. People could just steal your thoughts under imprimatur of the Court.

It's like pornography: I can't define the line but I know when I see it; know when it has been crossed. And just as the Boston Court reviewing my friend Milan Kohout's case drew the line, so too must the Court in the case at bar. Perfect, I just wrote part of the Brief, now I just need to hit Westaw. Life is simple, if you let it be. It's tough to do, though.

Related KingCast short film: American Lawyer One. Dig the look on Judge Sheward's face.
Related Talking Heads video: "I'm a tumbler.... I'm a government man.... all I want..... is to breathe....."

KingCast: I'm not an artist. I just paint the World in broad brush strokes of freedom, intelligence, defiance and beauty that some folks can appreciate. Mother Ann would dig it. It's All Good.


Christopher King said...

Take a look at these hands.
Take a look at these hands.
The hand speaks. The hand of a government man.
Well I'm a tumbler. Born under punches.
I'm so thin.

All I want is to breathe [I'm too thin]
Won't you breathe with me?
Find a little space, so we move in-between [In-Between it]
And keep on step ahead, of yourself.

Don't you miss it, don't you miss it.
Some 'a you people just about missed it!
Last time to make plans!
And I'm a tumbler...
I'm a Government Man.

Never seen anything like that before
Falling bodies tumble 'cross the floor [Well I'm a tumbler!]
When you get to where you wanna be [Thank you! Thank you!]
When you get to where you wanna be [Well, Don't even mention it!]

Oh, Take a look at these hands. They're passing in-between us.
Take a look at these hands
Take a look at these hands. You don't have to mention it.
No thanks. I'm a Government Man.

And the heat goes on...And the (Wheeeep!) heat goes on
And the heat goes on [heeh heeh]...And the heat goes on
And the heat goes on [brbbrbbrb]...Where the hand has been [chtktktktk]
And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on [aaaaaiiiigh!]

And the heat goes on... [I got time!] And the heat goes on
And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on
And the heat goes on...Where the hand (Oooip!) has been
And the heat goes on...And the heat (hehuh hehuh hehuh hehuh) goes on...

I'm not a drowning man!
And I'm not a burning building! I'm a tumbler!
Drowning cannot hurt a man!
Fire cannot hurt a man. Not the Government Man.

All I want is to breathe [Thank you. Thank you.]
Won't you breathe with me?
Find a little space...So we move in-between [I'm so thin]
And keep one step ahead of yourself. [I'm catching up with myself]

All I want is to breathe [brehuh ehuh]
Won't you breathe with me [Hands of a Government Man]
Find a little space so we move in-between
And keep one step ahead of yourself. [Don't you miss it! Don't you
miss it!]

And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...
And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...
And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...And the heat goes on...
Where the hands has been...And the heat goes on...And the heat goes
on...And the heat goes on...

Christopher King said...

The bench is at once a place for reflection and symbolic of the Court rulings that may precipitate its very existence.

Progressive people in Franconia who might favor such an idea have been stymied, but I plan to stick around and try to make it happen.


Christopher King said...

My response to a question in the email tip jar:

"I'm serious as a heart attack about the park bench. There is a dynamic tension there that I believe is necessary requisite to healing. Those who know what it is may either ignore it or force themselves to sit there but nobody from either "side" will vandalize it because they would be vandalizing part of "their" guy's legacy.

Where do I want the bench? Well I thought about replacing the one at Mac's/Dutch Treat, or maybe at the Volleyball courts, I dunno. I suppose I would ask about in the town and if I get vehement objections from a large portion of the town I would just give it to a charity.

Anyway, we're all in this together, a reality that has been lost on law enforcement for some time, sadly.

Those who never know the underlying story may enjoy the bench together, and that is about as much beauty as we can pull from this experience."


Anonymous said...

chris, you never fail to surprise me with your honesty and depth of vision in all of these matters.

it is an interesting concept to consider a shared, fixed object as a memorial to the two men whose struggle ended so tragically.

it forces us to think for a moment longer and admit that there can be no complete victory declared in this battle, and that only certain features of the conflict can be identified and labeled as right or wrong.

although my enthusiasm and hope for an improved, safer, more organized and responsive local government in franconia has become somewhat moderated today, i trust there will be a reawakening for the better at some point.

Anonymous said...

Now the truth is out, $10,000, you plan to make this bench out of gold? Doing this for altruistic reason, bullSH!T!! To buy a car and maybe take a vacation pay off some debts. If you had any pure, innocent motives you would donate the whole lump sum to the town of Franconia to start a scholarship in the name of both parties, to help pay for a secondary education for a graduating senior in the Town of Franconia, to help ensure an event like 5/11 nevers happens again. Like many others have accused you before, you plan to profit from the grief and pain from 5/11. SHAMEFUL, absolutely SHAMEFUL.

Christopher King said...


First I will refer you to the comments issued by 12:29.

Next I will address your rant:

You go start pricing a quality wood and wrought iron park bench, landscaping (a couple of nice small trees), nice marble with engraving and tell me what that costs. It ain't cheap.

I've always said I was going to give half to charity of some kind, so if you want to call it shameful after I spent thousands of hours on this case, go right ahead.

I'm okay with that.

The shame of it is that the government is being found liable for violating the law, don't get it twisted.

Christopher King said...


Oh, yah: The debt I accrued that needs to be paid was issued to me so that I could fight this case as I passed on other opportunities to make money while I still had bills to pay.

But you'll have a problem with that, too I suppose.


Why don't you ask what efforts WMUR and Union Leader took to get to the Truth, especially since they've got all the money and lawyers in the World.

In fact, here's one of them -- Orr & Reno's Bill Chapman -- saying that they will vigorously pursue the matter, but then he didn't do a damn thing.





Watch the WMUR video.

L8r H8r.

Anonymous said...

And after, all your countless hours, your claim, you are still only able to contribute your opinion, you have not brought forward any new information. You volunteered for this crusade, last time I checked volunteers get paid nothing. You could have taken those other offers. In my opinion take your money leave the town of Franconia, I wouldn't set my a$$ on something you bought. Don't bother to spend a few pennies to let you sleep at night, we all know why you jumped on this case you didn't see an injustice you saw an opportunity.

Christopher King said...

First of all there's no guarantee of any money, and if there is any money it will be pursuant to Statute and Judicial discretion because of the WRONGS of the State.

I'm just saying what I would do with it if there is any, you know buy another $2,500 car to replace the last $2,500 car I drove into the ground on this case. Were I not on the way home from Franconia it may have been possible to save that car, before the frame rot got worse from the drive.

No new information?

McFly..... Earth to you, the Court is busy reviewing McKay's personnel file right now, and the AG had to produce the dash cam original for my review and had to produce the homicide protocol, which the Court held was ILLEGALLY WITHHELD.

And we will soon have affidavits from all personnel involved in the so-called search for information in Franconia so we will know who's responsible for a change.

Good that you wouldn't sit your ass on the bench I want to buy the town. I wouldn't want it disgraced by your posterior, nor would any of Liko's friends.

Have a nice evening.

Christopher King said...

Oh, yah:

You price out that marble yet?

Maybe Gregory Floyd would know.... he's got experience in stealing marble things, like the Virgin Mary Statute.... making him a felon just as he entered the Armed Forces.

Where he never went to Vietnam.

Anonymous said...


and your contribution is...?

Christopher King said...


Funny you should mention that:

My buds down in Park Slope have that all figured out.


Tarique said...

I am new to NH but it is good to see a brother fighting the good fight. $10,000 would cover the cost of the bench and compensate you for your time in managing this project. So what if you use the money for a car. What business is it of people what you do with the money you get PAID for to provide a legitimate service... Go Obama go!

Christopher King said...


Welcome in to NH. There's a ton of Good People here, actually. Shoot me an email


BTW check out the latest post about community empowerment.

And $10K in no way begins to approach compensating me for my time. Months on end all I did was come home and search and correspond and read and cry, do pushups and repeat the process. One day I will seriously compute the time spent working on this case but it would take me a week to do even that :)

To me it's just a reasonable figure but for all I know the Court could award more than that, or less than that, or nothing.

Whatever the case, I still gotta' do what I gotta' do.


Anonymous said...

Ok lawyer...interesting idea, blarney or no (rattlun grins @
Kingcast) good thing no one cares what i think. < will make the pilgrimage to sit on yr bench,

Christopher King said...


And I will indeed join you there for a spot of tea.


PS: For those of you who don't know, this poster is the same poster with whom I regularly spar over at the YouTube video site for "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

Just goes to show that even we can find some common ground of appreciation even as the town continues to hide its head in the sand.

Did you know that town clerk Sally Small didn't even distribute a copy of Judge Vaughn's 6 March 2008 Decision until last night (17 March) even though she had it since 11 March?

Read about it in the comments section here in Sunshine Week post #2 as a link to Citizen Jesseman's blog.

The town has an Affirmative Duty to provide Affidavits as successfully argued by KingCast.

They better get on that because His Honor will be reading this post by the end of the week.