16 March 2008

KingCast's Cleveland and New Hampshire friends say, "To hell with conjecture Kelly Ayotte, give Chris King the Bruce McKay Franconia video right now."

Yah, that's my buddies from prep school in 1973 Keepin' it Real, and then my buddies from Nashua in 2008 Keepin' it Real. At the bottom of the link, Liko's friends and me Keep it Real, too. You want me to keep quiet about Kelly Ayotte and her friends trying to put me in Prison 2 years ago? Hell no. Her activities were just as unprincipled there as they are now, and she's going to die with this on her plate. I will too, but with that I'm fully comfortable, and she is.... not.

Anyway, conjecture is bad.

I've been castigated for that throughout the litigation in KingCast v. Ayotte et al, Grafton 07-E-268 but victory I indeed predicted in this post.

Good Thing the Judiciary has awarded the People, through KingCast, the ability to take things beyond conjecture, as noted in this Sunshine Week post.

This is a New Era of Law.

As New Hampshire is the leading edge of politics so too shall it be the leading edge of Internet Law and Policy, even though Defendant Ayotte and her representative failed to issue a 2006 Right-to-Know Report that is a legal mandate pursuant to Statute.

Defendant Ayotte is just now gettin' hip to her true obligations as Chief Legal Officer of New Hampshire, and for some reason I'm here to help her do that, so here we are.


Christopher King said...

See, all my friends are flippin' the bird, but guess who did NOT flip the bird to Bruce McKay, despite much conjecture:

Liko Kenney did not flip Bruce McKay the bird.

He pointed for Bruce to come down the road to Tamarack Tennis Camp -- where I was going to go for Tennis camp until Kelly got me indicted and I had to hole up with my sister -- for more witnesses.

But alas, Bruce -- who was according to his lawyer medicated at the time for some reasons -- would not allow that, and instead violated use of force protocol and then Liko got scared and protected himself from a dangerous instrumentality, as documented by Ms. B after her knife-near-labia episode with Brucie.

Kelly lied and said her office did not have Ms. B's complaint even though the Franconia Defendants provided me a copy of it.


That Kelly, you can't trust anything she does.

Trust in KingCast, and the Truth will set you free.


Christopher King said...

Conjecture Kelly.

Kelly Conjecture.

Got a nice ring to it, yah.

Anonymous said...

we know damn well that the video AND AUDIO are key to the truth....WE WANT IT...AND WE WANT IT ALL.

Christopher King said...


Oh, yah. I can't wait for the reaction when I call to set the appointment to review and copy the tape.


Anonymous said...

Who knew the tape was dubbed? I thought when the state said the investigation was concluded that the tape they released 3+weeks later was 'the tape'. Why would they release a dubbed tape and not tell anyone 'the sound has been removed for yada yada reason'. Are they adding in extra sound now? No wonder Kelly Ayotte hid the protocol. Didn't anyone ask "hey whats up with the sound Kelly Ayotte" and she said what? what did she say? When did she say there is a messed up sound experience on the tape because...... Is she still on the payroll?

Christopher King said...


Oh, I'm working up a nasty little post tonight demanding a time frame for Defendant Ayotte to produce the original dash cam video.

Wait for it.