26 March 2008

KingCast to explore the Violence Against Women Act and Angela McKay's Restraining Order against Bruce McKay.

Okay. Not Angela McKay pictured, but as a former AAG I know you cannot be a police officer once a Permanent Restraining Order is issued against you. See this pro-cop defense site, edpdlaw.com.
"More often than not, a TRO is obtained against the officer usually causing his suspension from the force. In some instances the Judge permits the officer to carry his weapon only while on duty. If a Final Restraining Order is entered, a Motion will be made by the Prosecutor's office for the officer to forfeit his weapons. No longer able to carry his firearm, he will be terminated from his employment as a police officer."

Run -- don't walk -- to the Dow Murders link right here, wherein former North County cop Richard Dow almost certainly murdered his first wife and adoptive son. Yah, I know the second wife and she's credible.

Okay. In about two days, thanks to Court Order and my $8.60 postal money order to Franconia Counsel Dan Mullen, he will give me part of the file showing where Angela McKay -- the only woman who may legally lay claim to being married to Bruce McKay in any way -- withdrew a Restraining Order against Bruce McKay. From that I can obtain the rest of the file to see when she filed it and what the particulars are, when it was granted, etc. etc. Of course all of that should have been in the file from the get go, but whatever. The Restraining Order is referenced at p.2.

Judge Vaughn In-Camera Decision Page one, two, three, four, five and six.

Remember that the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 forbids a person who is the subject of a domestic abuse restraining order to transport, receive, or possess firearms or ammunition which have come across state or federal borders. Okay so that's effed'-up because we have reason to believe Bruce McKay was apprehended while in pursuit of his ex-wife over state lines with a trunk full of weapons.

Also, if Angela had pressed the matter Bruce would have been stone cold out of a job. Read the worksheet and read the part expressly on Restraining Orders.

It all goes to Negligent Retention and supervision. You know, did Franconia ever discipline McKay in any way or did they just let this walking time bomb zoom about town in a 5,500lb Tahoe to terrorize other women like Ms. B, with his knife-near labia antics?

Not to mention he seemed a little too happy to take down Sarah in the video that KingCast obtained only through litigation, watch it here. I smell a misogynist pig.

KingCast: We come for the real, take no prisoners.


Christopher King said...

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 10:30:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Liko Kenney shot a police officer out of fear.
To: infoline@gavindebecker.com
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Dear Mr. de Becker,

Now that we have a court judgment in the
Right-to-Know/FOIA action I filed in the Franconia
shooting tragedy case we feel we can finally write


You book "Gift of Fear" may have saved one of the
Franconia Collective member's lives and that person is now working to clear up what really happened in Franconia on 5/11 2007.

Here is the first story about the tragedy:


Connie McKenzie, the property owner who attempted to help save Officer McKay's life told ABC News,

"People didn't trust Bruce McKay and they didn't like him. Heck I was afraid of him. You know when a police officer gets shot, it's a big deal. I understand that, but I want people to know that we loved that boy Liko. He was our native son. I don't want him to go down as just a cop killer. He was full of life and articulate and funny."

Here is my press release.


Here is an analysis of the video with links to the
video; look at Liko and Caleb's body language. It is
shock and fear.


Note that Bruce McKay was a wife beater read the
court's decision on the Restraining Order His Honor
specifically mentioned at p.2 in the first link,

Also, NH has a history of covering up for Police, even those who may have killed their spouse and adoptive son. See the Dow Murders web site:


Please start with these materials and we will be
following up with you. The person whose life you saved will follow up shortly, and please don't hesitate to write me.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

Christopher King said...

Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008 19:52:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Restraining Order was taken out on shot cop in New Hampshire.
To: info@bwlap.org, gloria@bwlap.org, rana@bwlap.org, loreline@bwlap.org, Help@NewBeginningsNH.org, Director@NewBeginningsNH.org, Education@NewBeginningsNH.org, Volunteers@NewBeginningsNH.org
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Dear staff of the Battered Womens' Legal Advocacy
Project and staff of the New Hampshire New Beginnings:

Please take a closer look into the situation with the
officer Bruce McKay who was killed after he violated
town policies on use of vehicular force and OC Spray on 5/11 2007.

It's much deeper than meets the eye -- I can safely
say that after prevailing on several key aspects of
the Right-to-Know/FOIA litigation I filed last year
and now I will be able to review the Restraining Order that his ex-wife had out on him and much much more, including the original dash cam video of the tragedy in which I believe has been sound-suppressed.

Our boy was on some sort of drugs the State won't tell us for privacy reasons, and he had some serious
control issues. You will want to read the link about
the knife-near-labia episode very carefully. I
interviewed that victim over the course of 3 evenings and she's All Good.

The story is in the comments section of this post for you:


And I encourage those of us in the Franconia
Collective to coordinate efforts to forward this post
to every women's advocate center from the contact list of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence so they can stay on top of the developments.

Kindest regards,

Christopher King, J.D.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Angela would be willing to be interviewed.

Christopher King said...


Same thought has crossed my mind, especially when it comes to Sharon Davis trying to usurp on in there when she's no way shape or form been cohabitating and exclusive with Bruce McKay for 3+ years as required by NH Common Law Marriage Statute.

RSA 457:39 as explained herein.

Also there was a reference in one of the AG papers about a phone call from a "McKay relative" about the video last May.

Wonder who that was, wonder what they said.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I would comment that the AGs office seemed to take the right tack, in refusing to release the documents requested without a court order; had they not done so, and provided all the documents you requested, completely, they would face suit from 3rd parties for violation of their privacy rights, which Vaughn clearly outlined. Pick your poison. And the finding that the AGs office did not deliberately violate the law reflects a good faith concern about the alternative on its part. Of course, I was thinking that if they had allowed for Attorney's fees, and you claimed them citing your own work, then they would have laid into you for UPL or fraud. All sorts of traps. At a minimum you have some small town gossip, but as you say there may be a thread to pull.

Christopher King said...


Don't know if Kelly took the right tack initially because she's sailing for disaster if that video is in any way compromised.

Judge Vaughn wrote a very safe opinion so that he would not be overturned as he was the last time he sided with the exact same gaggle of attorneys when Fred Murray and his lawyers faced off.

Seems His Honor is learning along with all of us.

As to the gossip factor, it's bigger than small town; the thread we're pulling is in fact a mobius ring of injustice.


Anonymous said...

I hear you. Its all in the game. Having seen a few traps in my day, I am hoping you remain vigilant with respect to the same.

You might want to check the legislative agenda if you have not and see if you can lobby for and amendment to any LE related bills covering the issues you are hounding - that is another way to get some press and add more hands to the lifting. Having been there before.

Anonymous said...

Spouses and significant others are well aware of the ramifications that filing a complaint would cause the officer as the officer more than likely has shared another officer's domestic nightmare with his spouse. The officer's spouse quickly learns that threatening to file a complaint, even if it is false, quickly gives them the upper hand in a domestic confrontation.

Christopher King said...


Yah, DTRT and then you know what?

They get killed.

Or other women are subject to knives near the labia.

If you think you've got the juice to go after Angela McKay for filing a false claim then bring it or STFU.

I have spoken.

You better listen.

Christopher King, J.D.

Never a lady beater.

Anonymous said...


You have no clue! Filing a restraining order does not give a police officer's spouse the upper hand. In fact, they do so under grave danger, as officer's stick together and cover for one another. They are often abused by the system because their complaint against someone in that system is frowned upon.

You can bet she pulled back on getting the permanent order because she feared it would put her in more danger than not. While she was at the Birch House McKay actually came there more than once and what do you think they could tell the "cop"? You can't be here? He let her know who held the power.

Again.....you are out of touch and clueless.

Christopher King said...


Thanks I was just about to get into the Birch House incidents.

Meanwhile, let's focus on the U.S. Attorney's vow to take Gregory Floyd's case to the ATF for being a Felony under disability per 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

Here's my RSA 91-A/FOIA request to the U.S. Attorney and Littleton Chief Smith.

Anonymous said...

Liko was a scumbag. where is his grave so I can piss on it?

Christopher King said...

Find the wind, stand up and point your little gherkin in that direction.


-The KingCaster