20 March 2008

KingCast thanks all supporters for our Right-to-Know/FOIA victory in KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia et al., Grafton 07-E-268.

I want to thank everyone who has helped out in Franconia, throughout the State of New Hampshire, throughout America, at Topix forums and in this blawg and elsewhere with information, logic, arguments, inspiration and hope.
"When Jeff did not overcome Belz with the election I was determined to see the good in it because it was born from a place of truth and justice. As I was making my way to that place, do know the three simple words you use so often popped into my head, "It's all good" and I saw your laughing, smiling face and it was as if you were with me, Chris. In my minds eye I looked back at you and said, "Yeah, it is all good".

It's all good. No matter what happens we have won a huge victory in being acknowledged at all and you have been the brave soul to be the face for all of us that stand beside you and behind you through this. It will be ok because we can adapt and use whatever comes our way just like we have every step of the way.........and it's all good."

love and peace,
[Name withheld because of government oppression]

As noted, Defendant Ayotte has exactly one business day to tell me when my crew can come review the original VHS dash cam from Bruce McKay's cruiser, so the more I think about it, we won this case: There are some issues up for reconsideration but we already won the most important things, as noted in this post.

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