19 March 2008

KingCast Sunshine Week post #5: A damn fine brief for KingCast/Brian Jesseman v. Union Leader.

I'm not going to link it just yet. Can't give my adversaries everything up front, duh. I'll link it late night tonight.

Okay. It's only 6:41p so it's not late night yet but when it is the line will be RIGHT HERE. I've got a ton of Gloucester Fire litigation to address tonight for tomorrow's attachment hearing, but meanwhile visit Smoking Gun and chew on John Doe (Fuzzy Zoeller) v. Josef Silny et al., Miami-Dade 07-04167 CA 15 bringing the same claims that Mr. Jesseman will bring once he has the contact information he needs.

Okay. It's 10:15 and here it is.


The Court is well within its rights to grant the requested relief and to find that KingCast has standing to bring this Action and it matters not whether Defendants, the Court or the State of New Hampshire dislike KingCast. The production and investigation of News is not a popularity contest but is instead part of the duties incumbent of the Fourth Estate.

As such, The Court proved that when it called KingCast “nonsense” in 2006 (video right here) but still issued the correct ruling to allow KingCast to broadcast from Court, a decision that has now been essentially codified by the New Hampshire Supreme Court – a fact that Attorney Sullivan is well aware of because he presided at the event. See his client’s own 14 January 2008 story at "NH bids to make courts current with technology." See Attachment 3.

KingCast respectfully asserts that its position, and that of Brian Jesseman is correct in this case as well. And for the foregoing reasons, all sought relief should be GRANTED forthwith.

Respectfully submitted.....

PS: I wrote a better brief than Bush Toady Peter Kirsanow for my father, and won many of the most important issues of the KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia litigation, so for some reason I tend to think I'm actually a decent lawyer.


Christopher King said...

I get knocked down... but I get up again....

I drink the whiskey drink, I drink the vodka drink, I drink the lager drink....

Got your back, Liko Kenney.

Tried to get your front, a coupla' years ago at Tamarack Tennis Camp, but I was getting knocked down at the time by Kelly.

Christopher King said...

Ahhhh.... yah....

Here's the comment I left at 6:55p today, 19 March 2008 at the Union Leader story I linked on the cover page.

I left my real phone number, real email address and real name so you can find me.

"There is a typo in the 3rd-to-last paragraph you need a 't' on the end of 'not.'

Otherwise a well-written and compelling story. My crew at KingCast.net has pioneered the use of video in courtrooms since 1996 in Ohio, and you can watch it at KingCast.net and Justiceforkids.net


Christopher King said...

Oh, BTW I mention that because I'll be shocked if they print it. They never print anything I write them, but they printed bogus statements about "Brian Jesseman."