18 March 2008

The KingCast Sunshine Week post #4: Compliance Memorandum on necessity of litigation and costs in KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia, Grafton 07-E-268

Let's have a seat back on that park bench, shall we?

The bench might not happen as designed because NH has a stingy Right-to-Know law, unlike Michigan or other states that expressly permit an award of Punitive Damages, so Bad State Actors get off relatively easy here. Maybe Defendant Ayotte will help initiate some changes to put some teeth into the law, right.

Anyway, here's the Memorandum. It's a decent product for a scrub like me.... you know, I was the dirtbag Civil Rights advocate under indictment (properly dismissed), and Liko was the dirtbag high school dropout, to hear the State (Sgt. Wentworth p. 353) tell it oh, yah.


"Change must occur and accountability must return to Franconia and to the North Country in general. To the extent that this Honorable Court may help effectuate those ends without overreaching its function, Petitioner and forward-thinking residents of the area will forever stand in gratitude."

Respectfully submitted,
Christopher King, J.D.
Petitioner pro se
On behalf of KingCast.net


Christopher King said...

It gots exactly one footnote and it goes like this:

1 This dovetails with Petitioner’s request for Punitive or other full measure of damages because Petitioner is now aware that the same employee who flatly denied access to any and all of Bruce McKay’s personnel file has kept a copy of the Decision of this Honorable Court from the Selectmen for an entire week even though Decision places the town under an Affirmative duty to provide information. The Court gave Defendants a second chance when it could have issued sanctions already, but the Defendants have squandered it and must now be heavily sanctioned.

Anonymous said...

Sally Small. What is her exact official title, anyway because she acts like she is the town Mayor.

Christopher King said...

Her title, as reflected by the 3 July 2007 letter signed by her and only her and denying KingCast access to any and all of Bruce McKay's personnel files, is "Administrative Assistant."

See KingCast Appendix Court document KS 11.

But in reality, by deciding to hold back His Honor's Decision and Order on the Merits for a week, she's more like the Fourth Selectman, at a minimum.

I'm sure Judge Vaughn will be ecstatic to discover how important his rulings are to Ms. Small, and I'll be headed off to the copy center and post office in just a few hours to make sure that he is aware of it.


Anonymous said...


Sally has to part-time postions appointed by the Board with the town.

1. Administrative Assistant
2. Bookkeeper

Both positions are salaried at approximately $22,000 each (this is in the town report) with benefits (health, retirement).
44K (interesting juxtaposition)total.

The hours she keeps is 12:30-4:30 M-F. It is my understanding she works a lot at home, including performing bookkeeping the bookkeeping role.

It is also my understanding that she and Ruth Vail swapped positions many years ago. Sally was a Selectman, Ruth was the Admin. Ruth got elected and Sally became admin. I don't know if Ruth assumed Sally's seat or some other board member. I don't know the year this occurred but Ruth had been in office for many years until 2005.

Does this shed any light? It's Sunshine Week afterall.

Anonymous said...

your efforts are becoming even deeper and more focused, with each nugget of information leading to another. truth will prevail.

i like your "conclusion", your perspective and appeal to judge vaughn very much - it's fair. you are also demonstrating your human capacity to reach beyond the concrete legal issues.

a very positive direction. thank you.

Christopher King said...


Thanks for the info.


Thanks for the compliment. I've always been about Fair and Just application of law, but someone Big Business and the Government have often been able to get it twisted. How refreshing to see that even though Kelly won't have to place her bogus investigative files online, a certain government official named Timothy Vaughn recognizes what Fair and Just really is.


Christopher King said...

And another thing:

This case was a risk I had to take, knowing what I know about government, law and media.

I'm still gathering my breath from the Decision, which is properly viewed as a victory from my corner and a loss from theirs, you bet.

And that's not even taking into account the possibility of KingCast prevailing on the Motions for Reconsideration.

We got your back, Liko Kenney.

Anonymous said...

6:12 AM,

thanks for the info. based on this, i wonder if her actions are even legal. she does not have the title to govern in such a manner in my opinion. her title is rather "small" in proportion to her "liberties".

Christopher King said...


This case is just getting started.