28 March 2008

KingCast says "Danger Will Robinson.... will the victims of Bruce McKay please stand up.... for a Class Action lawsuit!"

Negligent Hire
Negligent Retention
Negligent Supervision

The Statute of Limitations is just now starting to run because it took the KingCast litigation to free up most of the proof. Oh, yah, serious as a heart attack and they know it. That's why we haven't seen those Affidavits ordered by Judge Vaughn yet, as I noted this morning's Rocket Science post.

KingCast: We ain't about no messin' around, Jack. It's March Madness and we're gonna' drive the lane and put the whammy on 'em but good.


Anonymous said...

i think you should put that headline as a full page in ad in the Courier and Caledonian Record.

Christopher King said...


That might happen.

It's just a matter of time and my legal theory is sound. Some licensed attorney is going to pick it up but they gotta have sack (m) or huevos (f) that's for sure.


Christopher King said...

Here's what I wrote to Behind the Blue Wall Blog, another cool cat with Cleveland Roots.


OMG we are on the same page when you wrote that somebody needs to sue Canton PD for hiring and maintaining the dangerous instrumentality of Bobby Cutts.

Look at Bruce McKay from Franconia again vis a vis the Violence Against Woman Act, in light of the Restraining Order Angela took out on him.

And look what I recommend, a Class Action lawsuit.

You've done a fantastic job documenting this tragedy -- keep in touch and watch for the upload of various documents from the McKay files that the town was compelled to release after I sued them under Right-to-Know.

You guys can sue for Cutts personnel file too if you don't already have it because Ohio's Sunshine Law is so open -- it's the antithesis of New Hampshire, which protects the privacy of police officers to an unwarranted degree.

A police officer, in the commission of his duties, is entitled to absolutely zero privacy in my book, especially if he's on psychotropic drugs which I have VERY strong reason to believe Bruce McKay was.


Hang in there and keep on keepin' on.