26 March 2008

KingCast says "Well what do you have to say for yourself now, Kelly, and where is my video from Bruce McKay's Tahoe?"

That's Kelly and Dan, Dan and Kelly from the Halcyon days when they were together at the AG's office, losing Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, yet another First Amendment case (Right to Privacy, it's Penumbral and similar to the KingCast/Brian Jesseman case) they couldn't handle. They sure had a lot to say at the time, wired for sound..... Now that KingCast and Judge Vaughn have given them the royal smack down, a brother can't even get a holler on when he can retrieve that original VHS tape from Bruce McKay's Tahoe, and the 111 pages of Franconia information, including policy papers and info on Angela McKay's successful Restraining Order against Bruce McKay have yet to cross my palms.

Judge Vaughn In-Camera Decision Page one, two, three, four, five and six.

Added to my resume on Scribd.com.

Will the dastardly duo of New Hampshire Civil Rights Jurisprudence plot an appeal? They'll need one of these.

UPDATE from Defendant Ayotte's "Response to Court Order."
"The Attorney General's Office will work with New Hampshire State Police to facilitate Petitioner's request to view and copy the original dashboard video, in accordance with RSA 91-A:5:IV."

Good. Well let's get on with it, as I asked you for days, dates and times a week ago and since it was no problem for you to get it in the first place and give the World the apparently sound-suppressed video we've all seen and (sort of) heard ad nauseam. I've also asked for the chain of custody for that video in a new RSA 91-A request.

My Reply Memorandum at Scribd.com.

UPDATE from Franconia's Dan Mullen:
"Provide us with a check in the amount of $8.60 and we will send you the documents."

Good. An overnight mail goes out to him today, with a priority mail envelope for return so the key documents should be posted online by Saturday.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode from Gotham City, errr... Concord, NH.


Christopher King said...

I'm not sure who the hottie harem is there around Counselor Mullen but I know he's married and seems to be a Good Guy in my personal exchange with him so I'm sure he behaved.

One other note of interest:

I knew the Franconia case was a cover up when I went to Concord for the release of materials and there's media there from 6 corners of New Hampshire and beyond, and Kelly was not mic'd for sound.

She said nothing.

As a former AG and reporter, I knew this story was just getting started.


Anonymous said...

Exactly! And this is why a year later people are just as committed as they were from the day these men died to bring the truth forth.

The AG's office is a disgrace beyond measure.

Let there deaths not be in vain.

Thank you, Chris.


Christopher King said...


You got that right.

Kelly and her minions, meanwhile are debating what to do with that likely-tainted video.

If they destroy it they have an ethical problem with preservation of evidence.

If they give it to me and the sound has been suppressed or anything else altered then it's Kelly's job and career.

But of course there's nothing wrong with it, so I'll be looking out the window waiting for Kelly to show up with the video for tea and crumpets.

She only lives about a mile away, so it could be a nice lunchtime siesta sorta thing, you know like a play date and stuff.

I won't recommend my usual yerba mate -- too much energy there -- but instead maybe some mint rooibos with rice milk would be appropos.