21 March 2008

KingCast says score one for Jeffrey Jesseman as Franconia finally offers Selectman minutes online. No audio yet, but that should be next.

I told you my brother Jeffrey Jesseman was going to help effectuate change in Franconia and by golly without his presence and blog they never would have done this. Here is his report.

However, don't look for the Union Leader to cover anything in Franconia -- including the findings of FACT and LAW that Defendant NH AG Kelly Ayotte acted illegally and order that she produce the original Bruce McKay dash cam video for KingCast inspection. The highly-esteemed publication did however provide coverage of the new Lebanon Town blog. Hooray!

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Christopher King said...

What I shared with Lebanon; I hope he publishes this but if not he is at least aware of the significance of his actions and that they are respected by many.

Dear Manager Mandsager:

Thank you for helping to move New Hampshire into the New Era of Communications. Two-term Nashua Mayor and 30-year Executive Council veteran Bernie Streeter gave me an award for First Amendment and Right-to-Know, so I know he appreciates what you're doing as well.

And in Franconia the efforts of Jeffery Jesseman have helped the town to realize it should offer its minutes online, which is a Good Start.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy that first video at Justiceforkids.net; It goes back a ways to 1996 in part, with cameras in government proceedings, as it should be.