01 March 2008

KingCast says Kelly, Mark, Gregory, Richard and Martha need to walk before we make them run.

Just a little ditty by the Rolling Stones at the last of the best, late 70's. Some Girls was such a brilliant production.

The video's WANTED poster is the part that applies to Gregory W. Floyd.

Floyd's buddy DTRT called me a 'Monkey Boy' on Topix.

Nope. That's 'Monkey Man' to you, you little tool.

Related note: Charlie Watts on jazz. He's the coolest Stone.

Related rockin' post: Rolling Stones and KingCast discuss HB 1428 and Martha McCleod.

These are people doing Bad Things, and for all the wrong reasons.


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Christopher King said...


I used to associate the Satan pic with American Tower Corporation, but now I think most every time I mention their names I'll throw the Satan pic in there.

Works nicely on Google.