26 March 2008

KingCast says Dalai Lama can't win for losing. China, I feel, is a loser.

I make no pretensions about being a Buddhist. Zen, yeah, Buddhist I am not. I mean I go out of my way not to kill any living creature and I meditate and want to believe in the Good of most people but that's about where I am. Now as for the Dalai Lama, I cannot imagine being in his position. I don't agree with everything he believes in. I don't agree with everything China believes in.

And now he is thrust into this situation that is certain to get uglier with every passing day and he's going to catch holy hell (sorry) from all sides. It will be a true test of his temperament as a sentient or sapient being, that much is certain. It's so large, to use a tennis term, I can't get around on it. So much pace and power and force coming down on the Man he's still taking his racket back and the ball is already up on him. BTW I love that picture of him because it's totally real, totally homey.

Holy hell from China.

Holy hell from Tibet.

Jeezlouise, it makes my life in New Hampshire dealing with a fascist architecture maintained by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and Franconia selectmen (against whom KingCast just prevailed in a Right-to-Know lawsuit) resemble a walk in the park =^.)


Christopher King said...

Not that the people of China will be able to read this.

Anonymous said...

Now i don't get all into that becouse i beleave in Holy Bible.

I have seen a movie, about the Dalai Lama boy king and a american man and he teach the american man to go home (back to America) with his son and be about peace.

Hey i seen what you sent me on the email.

Anonymous said...

I beleave in the Holy Bible Chris but i don't know what your religion is i am still wondering what is your religion.

What is Dalai Lama religion all about i heard on the story (movie) that the boy king was all about peace.

Christopher King said...

Well the beauty of it is that I don't disbelieve in anything. That could, depending on one's perspective make me:


And so it goes......

The key is for all of us to love one another.


Anonymous said...

So you don't get all into that jesus Christ die on the cross, to save the people of the earth. To have a chance to go to heaven and have a new earth and that earth will be as heaven one day.

If some one would tell you to wear a cross, a image of Jesus Christ would you or would you not wear a cross a image of Jesus Christ ?

Anonymous said...

Show Equal Love for what is right but not for what is not correct.

Anonymous said...

Zen is a school of Buddhism that arose in the 6th century BC. Chan Fo in Chinese, Zen in Japanese. The Lama is of the Mahayana tradition, which came from the Hinayana, rooted in India.

Dig it.