04 March 2008

KingCast reader asks, "Will Lynch survive, and can NH AAGs Strelzin and Kennedy steer clear of harm's way in the Franconia shooting tragedy coverup?"

Earlier today 3:24 wrote:
"Prediction, Republicans take back NH in '08. Lynch is kicked to curb. He can thank Kelly, I hope strelzin can break away from this while he still has a chance."

KingCast response:

Nah, Strelzin and Kennedy are in for a dime, in for a dollar. They're all caught up in it, hardwired.

Take a look at Strelzin.
Take a look at Kennedy.

You know what's funny?

Some of my biker buddies at work know Strelzin and used to pick up correspondence for me at the AG's office when they came through Concord, and they have some serious questions about this case as well. It took a little while to explain it to them, now they ask me every week,

"Is Floyd still on the loose.... does he still have his guns.... have they given you the fingerprint analysis yet.... what about the bullet hole......"

Folks is watchin'.

Oh, Yah.

Related post: State Rep Martha McLeod already took a fall; her career as a State Rep is pretty much toast. She should have paid attention way back last summer when I tried to holla'.
Related video: Bjork, Declare Independence. Don't let them do that to you....


Christopher King said...

Honorable mention:

Bjork, "Army of me."

What a video. I've listened to Bjork for years, through all the Tricky and Goldie years and she is one hot babe. Them brotha's knew what was up, gotta give 'em daps on that :)

Her talent, mind, body, looks, spirit, all of that is just so on point.

A YouTube comment:

".....so true! the world needs more music that can't be churned out of a cookie cutter like so much of what's "popular" nowadays... not that some of that stuff isn't good, but this is music as art!"

Anonymous said...

I got Capleton going on. You know where I'm at. Holla

Christopher King said...


Rockers 88.9 Yah.

Tuff Gong.

E.G. hollered at me today.

It's All Good.

Folks is watchin'.