30 March 2008

KingCast, Maura Murray, Marvin Gaye & Liko Kenney say: "Don't punish me -- with brutality..... talk to me... so you can see.... what's going on.....

Watch Marvin sing it.
The Franconia shooting tragedy and Maura Murray's disappearance is all about families, pure and impure. To my mind, the private citizens involved have pretty cool families. The LE families have proved to be substantially less so; substantially less trustworthy. Sorry.

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Christopher King said...

Talk to me....

Gregory Floyd, contrary to liar head Kelly Ayotte never in fact talked to Liko.

I've proved that a million times on this blawg using the government's own docments.

When Bruce McKay talked to Liko for the first time he was busy violating his Fourth Amendment Rights, telling him he was "seized" on video and without Probable Cause.

I've proved that a million times on this blawg using the government's own docments.

I think I understand Liko and Angela McKay's perspective.

Oh, yah.

Christopher King said...

Gawl-Dam I just watched that whole video.

I implore you all to take 9:05 seconds of your lives and watch that whole video uninterrupted. Turn off you damn TV and cell phone BlackberryTM whatever and listen.

1:55 A mercury comet just like my parent's car that always broke down so they started buying Volvos.

5:19 The couple dancing in the park, so cool.

8:30 Marvin turns to the camera and say "What's happening, brother...." with a smile.

8:50 The fade out.

It has not escaped my mind that Marvin, Liko and Maura are no longer available to comment. By rights and the way I've ridden motorcycles I shouldn't be here either.

But here I am left to carry the spirit, and that is my Life's mission.

Any questions?

I'll say it again. It's all we have left. I remember tooling around town in Columbus with one of Erykah Badu's girly's in the late 90's in the trusty 533i trackin' this stuff and just having an incredible time and let me tell you, it's more relevant now than ever.