14 March 2008

KingCast is angelic, makes a difference in the communities of Lawrence and Franconia and "empowers people to speak up."

Every day I show up to work -- and this is my job, selling motorcycles and working for the law office is what I do for money to live, a major distinction -- I look for the haters to show up and trash talk, and they usually do. Fortunately I've got my lovers, too. This is a comment from Lawrence Massachusetts mother Izzy Figueroa in response to the series of events that unfolded after she and I first met over the Thuan Tran/Wilfredo T. Laboy First Amendment art fiasco and then continuing on to this week's suspension fiasco when her Honor Roll daughter Flormarie was suspended, allegedly for wearing a sweater.

Here's the Boston Herald Story, Chilly student in hot water.

Too bad one of the administrators told her that they were targeting her daughter, and she told me she told that to Channel 7 and the Boston Herald after they obtained her contact information from me, as noted in yesterday's post.

"First and foremost I want to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! You are an angel. I feel it is very important for everyone to know what an impact you have made in our community by empowering parents such as myself to speak up.

We went to the meeting tonight. I have to say a whole different atmosphere and attitude. I even got a hypocritical apology from Superintendent Laboy but an apology nonetheless I feel my daughter needed to hear

Everyone spoke up about the issue and many school committee members support my daughter. I did get a bit emotional reading my daughters letter to the committee but glad I did it none the less as it was in her own words and very well put. I am so proud of her. Principal Fiato was the only person I did not have the opportunity to speak to and he is whom I want to address the whole issue of the mural and would like to know where we are at as every time I ask, I get no answer and Tran and our children deserve that at the least.

Anyway, a very overwhelming day but you made me feel so much more at ease with all of your support. Thank you for calling me and wishing me well I think that empowered me to get right to the point of the matter.

Good night! Many Blessings!"


In this increasingly corporate (change one letter at it becomes 'rape') hegemonic society, we have to get to the youth to get them off of that damn television and critically thinking about life, art, politics and love. And that's why I was put on this Earth, at the end of the Day.

Related video: Michael Franti and The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Television... Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation..... the only wet nurse.... who could raise a cripple..... watch for the sheep watching Bush at 1:43. Hootlarious, but true.

Related issue: Jeffrey Jesseman ran a successful last-minute campaign for Selectman in Franconia after meeting me and learning his rights as a citizen. He garnered 1/3 of the votes against long-term status quo member Carl Belz despite orchestrated efforts to keep the old guard selectman system in place, which now has a 2/3 majority in the selectman seats. Because of KingCast litigation, the town owes the Court and KingCast a whole lot of information about Bruce McKay as noted herein and herein again. And Mr. Jesseman's candidate blog will continue as a Fourth Estate watchdog in the North Country. The old guard has been shaken and its choke hold on its citizens has become ever more tenuous.

I Just got off the phone with my father, (a former Cleveland Heights Committeeman) who has his oral argument on Monday for his case against Diamond Shamrock for decades of discrimination and non compliance with Executive Order 11246.
"Going to Diamond Shamrock, why was I chosen... there has to be a plan, some Divine Plan as to all of that.... growing up poor.... and that we were able to have you and your sisters get advanced degrees and do what you all do...."

FACT: There is a plaque at Mentor-Heisley Racquet Club that reads: "Cecil King, the human backboard." The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree =^.)

Related post: Fathers and sons.

Pictures: The human backboard, circa 1997 about to hit me in the head; 1992 Sharing the value of education with an all-white group of students in rural Geauga County, Ohio and 1993 in a Cleveland Heights High School as leader of the Education Coalition.


Christopher King said...

A quote from Cleveland Mayor Carl Stokes:

“There is hardly a place in this community where two or more persons join that their disgust in the newspapers is not expressed. Rich people, poor people, black and white people. There is a serious erosion of confidence in the truthfulness, the integrity and the sincerity of the newspapers. Yet, what recourse do the people have as a source of news? None really.”

He was speaking, of course, of the Cleveland Press and Plain Dealer.

He wasn't talking about KingCast, because we keeps it real.

Time to schedule that appointment with Defendant Ayotte so we can review and copy the original Bruce McKay 5/11 dash cam pursuant to Court ORDER.

Christopher King said...

From today's email tip jar:

Found your e-mail address on a post. My name is [withheld because of this person's position could compromise information gathering].

You know me as vonhlpd. It is an absolute honor to e-mail you. I can't wait to meet you. You're a fine man !!!!!!!!! You will never know how you and this [Franconia] collective has changed my life. I am learning to not live in fear. I can so relate to Liko, for I have too lived in fear for way too long....

Please let me know if you got this e-mail.

Tarique said...

Where do you sell motorcycles? I got to get me a bike this Spring! Have you seen the show on Speed that has all the brothers performing tricks on their bikes. Too much, man....

I just moved to NH. Is there always this much snow in March? When can one really start to ride?

Christopher King said...

Hey Tarique,

I just sent you a comment to the other post.

When I had the Clydesdale up I rode all year round and just hosed it down from the salt because it was no garage queen I'll tell you that.

People will start riding bikes in the next few weeks if the snow/salt stays away.

I'm Internet manager at Best Cycle Center out on Amherst Street.

You know what bike I want? I just took in this 2000 Kawasaki KDX 220 on trade. I would put a horn and brake light on it for street and pimp that thing around town but I think someone will buy it before I have the money it's so nice. I love two-strokes. Run-dun-dun-dun-dun-dun... Waaaaa, waaaaa......

That thing runs so good I had it out back the other day, what a machine.


Here's the exchange between Tarique and me from the crucial Park Bench post.

tarique said...

I am new to NH but it is good to see a brother fighting the good fight. $10,000 would cover the cost of the bench and compensate you for your time in managing this project. So what if you use the money for a car. What business is it of people what you do with the money you get PAID for to provide a legitimate service... Go Obama go!

7:30 AM


christopher king said...

Welcome in to NH. There's a ton of Good People here, actually. Shoot me an email


BTW check out the latest post about community empowerment.

And $10K in no way begins to approach compensating me for my time. Months on end all I did was come home and search and correspond and read and cry, do pushups and repeat the process. One day I will seriously compute the time spent working on this case but it would take me a week to do even that :)

To me it's just a reasonable figure but for all I know the Court could award more than that, or less than that, or nothing.

Whatever the case, I still gotta' do what I gotta' do.


7:38 AM