27 March 2008

KingCast gots to holla' over Lebron, Giselle and Vogue.

Oh, hell naw...... I'm from Cleveland and view Lebron just about like a demi-god. But that cover is naff, mate. Here's an old blawg entry with Lebron, Dr. J. and cousin Mike Wilbon talkin' 'bout NBA dress codes and stereotypes of all things. Shit, [negro] I need a beer! Colt 45, of course.

Here's what they're saying over at Topix.

Lebron knows how to dress. But for those who don't I suggest my friend Emmi at mansworldco.com.


Christopher King said...

Now seriously, when I heard about this story it was pre-publication. Coming from a family with some pretty intensive journalism backgrounds, including my own, I just listened and figured I would see a cover with Lebron and Giselle "On the [G]Q" as we used to say.

I thought the controversy might be because they were wearing some sexy threads, you know and maybe posted in a provocative way.

Then I saw the story for the past day over at Topix headlines' still thought nothing of it, until I clicked on it to go behind the headline to see the cover.

Lebron probably had a refusal clause so I guess he's okay with it, but I'm not.

Christopher King said...

And no, I have no problem with Leibovitz, Ritts, Mapplethorpe, all a good cadre of photographers.

I just don't care for this one.

Dave Myers said...

Please see www.discussrace.com