31 March 2008

KingCast boldly announces Jane Doe v. Friendfinder to slam Union Leader's "arguments" on False Light Invasion of Privacy in KingCast/Jesseman v. UL.

As some of you know, Brian Jesseman's name and intellectual property was stolen in the Union Leader in favor of Martha McLeod's Bruce McKay highway. By way of update on that, False Light is most definitely actionable as noted in the first link in this paragraph but also in the new case of Jane Doe v. Friendfinder et al, CV-07-286-JL (WBZ & Feminist Law Professor Blog) and KingCast/Jesseman v. Union Leader Surreply at Scrbd.com.


False Light (and misappropriation) exist, and they obtain in Brian Jesseman’s case, contrary to the wishes and whimsy of Defendant.

Respectfully submitted......

Related post: The documents forcibly revealed about Bruce McKay per Judge Vaughn show why Brian Jesseman is reasonably upset that someone would in any way link him in support of this bully with a badge.

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