12 March 2008

KingCast blog of the week: From the Center of the Natural World.

I've checked in on this blog from time to time and really appreciate it. The writer knows who I am but I have absolutely no idea who the writer is, but they have roots up there from above this sign, which thankfully will NEVER be Bruce McKay highway. The blog is understated and minimalist, everything this blawg is typically not. It takes all kinds to make the World go 'round, and viva the difference :)

Here's a post from last month, "Two Black Men: Barack Obama and Chris King, standing tall!"

Related post: Senators Kearney and Obama, and Civil Rights Activist Christopher King.


Christopher King said...

Dig this one about the Olympics.

Anonymous said...

Town of Franconia, officials: money grubbing petty crooks, at best, as I said before. So who is re-elected selectman? - the buffoon Carl Bellz, McLeod's lackey, over the astute Jeffery Jesseman. Of course, everyone wants to forget, pretend it never happened, proceed on with lives of lies, lives of turpitude! Pretend that Greg Floyd was just a passer-by, easy to believe he had to do what he had to do. To hell with the truth! Not so with Mr. Jesseman and that is why he wasn't elected.

Christopher King said...


You got that right. But KingCast will keep the pressure on, you got that right, too.

Here's the Supplemental Motion for Reconsideration regarding Bruce McKay, his medications and his personnel file, some of which is CLEARLY not privileged.

There will be a Notice of Appeal to the New Hampshire Supreme Court filed on or before 5 April 2008 if I deem that appropriate.


Anonymous said...

I am very glad with Cris King comments about the writer of blog 'center of the natural world'. When I met first time writer 'center of the natural world' I thought he was stupid and it was ok for me. Then later I realize he is smart guy, but in a little while again I understood he is even clever and now I know exactly he is a genius. He has invisible power.
Pavel Ivanovich

Franconia 2008? said...

The villagers cry out: "Burn the mill! Burn it down! Burn the mill!" They set the structure, where the Monster is trapped inside, on fire.

Amid the crackling of flames, the Monster waves his arms and runs around in a panic, letting out frightened, high-pitched, quavering cries - tormented by fire one more time. He is crushed by a falling beam in the mill tower and pinned down, apparently perishing in the blazing fire and the collapsing, incinerated structure.

We all have it coming . . . .

Anonymous said...

great 'minimalist' blog...elegant style...and right on with the comparison.

Christopher King said...




Welcome to Frankenconia.