08 March 2008

KingCast applauds as Milan Kohout goes free from Boston's First Amendment oppression.

Case dismissed, just as the cases against me were dismissed on First Amendment grounds because they were bogus, too. I know that pain. In the end, the Prosecutor knew the heat coming from this case was going to be more oppressive to him than the heat from the police on my man Milan. Here then is the Milan Kohout history, including a link to the Czech coverage that used the now infamous KingCast courtroom photo and a note from Milan and an excerpt from his press release:
Hello Chris
How have you been? Are you around in Boston to have beer with me? You know about the outcome of the case I suppose. Here is my report which you can use: See you soon Milan.....And thanks again for helping to stir the troubled watters!!

FIFTH PART OF THE PERFORMANCE: Today (MARCH 7, 2008) finally the new judge ( who was not involved in the previous decisions) decided to dismiss the ridiculous, stupid and absurd case which was filled by Commonwealth of Massachusetts against me for "selling nooses" in front of Bank of America....snip read comments for the whole thing.

SIXTH PART OF THE PERFORMANCE-ENCORE: I am asking Commonwealth of Massachusetts to return my nooses and a sign which was confiscated by the police officers during my performance.


Christopher King said...

It is obvious that Commonwealth of Massachusetts realized that it could not push the charges any more and therefore replaced the prosecutor (District Attorney) who himself asked for the dismissal of the case.

The dismissal ended the growing absurdity of being a criminal defendant for several month for just exercising my right to freedom of speech. It is especially ridiculous since instead of prosecuting those greedy criminals from the banks for causing the suffering for millions of people who are loosing their homes the system was trying to punish me for my critical commentary.

I wanted to wake up people to the fact that if we continue to support the economic system that causes this kind of suffering for the people we are literally putting a noose around all of our heads.

I grew up in a totalitarian system which misused the law to prosecute dissidents for their critical expression. For the government to use bogus charges to punish artists for their expression is a step toward that kind of system. Having performed in many countries around the world (include totalitarian systems like China and Cuba) I have never experienced so restrictive and police monitored environment for the street Performance Art like in the USA (I know everybody is a suspected "terrorist" or "criminal" now )

I would like to thank my lawyer Jeffrey Pyle for his excellent work on this case and in the field of the First Amendment cases. Long live freedom of speech- one of the last hopes we have.

Lucidiocy said...


You rock.


Christopher King said...


I could never let you down now could I sweetie :)

Milan is a trip. I'll have him send you a copy of his book. Very bright, very insightful, and very active in the Serbo-Croatian-Gypsy developments in addition to other things I've mentioned.

We'll be having beers this Friday, again.