30 March 2008

KingCast and Union Leader salute U.S. Army Sergeant DJ Stelmat and KingCast notes it's a rough year for Brian Jesseman.

DJ (David) Stelmat was a friend of Liko Kenney and Brian Jesseman's. Here's the Union Leader story about his Humvee catching a roadside bomb in Iraq where he was diligently serving his country.

It's been a rough year for Brian.

Liko murdered by Floyd, IMHO.

His name and intellectual property stolen in the Union Leader in favor of Martha McLeod's Bruce McKay highway. Update on that, False Light is most definitely actionable as noted in the first link in this paragraph but also in the new case of Doe v. Friendfinder et al, CV-07-286-JL (WBZ & Feminist Law Professor Blog) and KingCast/Jesseman v. Union Leader Surreply at Scrbd.com.

DJ being killed in Iraq.

When will our government get honest about what its doing, and when will its policies stop causing his friends to die? And when will he get Justice from Judge Lynn, who audibly and visibly says in this video that KingCast is "unfortunate nonsense?"

When will the Union Leader publish anything about the ongoing KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte litigation that shows a blueprint for government liability?

Likely never.

Editor's note: I have received a few emails about this post and others I have made with the distinct intent to raise consciousness to what I believe is an American hypocrisy that this young man should die fighting for freedom while so many others live in oppression. Some people feel I should not mention Sgt. Stelmat and Brian Jesseman or anything to do with the Franconia shooting tragedy in the same breath.

Therefore, I apologize for any confusion and will not continue to do so, but I will say this: I will make a new post to host and forward the new Jesseman Memorandum, and everything I said I mean from the heart, and that comes from knowing and living with my Uncle Joe (RIP) for several weeks, and the discussions we had about liberty and social activism. Rest in Peace, Sgt. Stelmat.


Anonymous said...

so sorry, Brian...sorry, once again. some exceptional young men seem to come from your area.

Christopher King said...

Indeed. I did not know that DJ was the one who pulled the flag stunt with the Old Man in the Mountain.

Good for him.

Meanwhile here's the guts of the KingCast Jesseman Surreply; it's only 1.5 pages long because when you're right you don't need much space :)

"This matter came before the Court for a hearing on Preliminary Injunctive Relief on 10 January 2008 at which point the Court ordered the Parties to submit Memoranda for further consideration.

The Parties have done so, however a very recent New Hampshire case of Doe v. Friendfinder et al, CV-07-286-JL, conclusively proves that False Light claims exist in New Hampshire. Attachment 1.

As such, Ms. Doe’s position as being falsely represented as part of something legal with which she does not agree, i.e. a sex network, is actionable in false light.

Similarly, it is legal to support HB 1428 even if the bill is going nowhere now that KingCast has exposed the truth about Bruce McKay as an abusive man. See Attachment 2, noting that McKay violated the following policies against Liko Kenney prompting Liko Kenney to shoot McKay out of fear and self-defense......"

Anonymous said...

That Judge is "unfortunate nonsense" if she is so blind she cannot see the blatant hazard of falsifying a statement from another person.

Climb out from under the rock, Dear.

By the way my name is Marth* M**eod .

That's cool, right? I can use anyone else's name, right? No prob.

Christopher King said...


That comment from His Honor was actually over another case in which I sued Jaffrey Chief Dunn and the NAACP for Defamation after they both lied (under Oath, even) about my activities in issuing a Demand Letter to Chief Dunn on behalf of a man who faced 3 drawn police guns and a visual body cavity search for LOITERING.

Got me indicted for Attempted Felony Extortion, which did then foreclose on my opportunities to attend Tamarack Tennis Camp you better believe THAT!

Case dismissed when I ran out of loot for Dunn's Deposition, unfortunately.

Long story but their bogus criminal charges were all dismissed too.

The kicker: The now gutless NAACP never investigated Willie Toney's claims 'cos them negroes are all cozy now they've got a spot in the Main House of the plantation.

I kid you not.

Anonymous said...

Liko, Sgt. DJ Stelmat, et. al vs. The world.