03 March 2008

KingCast and Oliver Ruff in effect. No smiling faces. Living in the Danger Zone... in the battlefield.. without no shield...

Senor Ruff stopped by KingCast headquarters for Happy Hour yesterday but there's not a lot of happy going on. We're busy setting a few things right up in North Country that we aren't talking about in public but those who know, know. And we're living in the Danger Zone. In the Battlefields. Without no shield..... Capleton on YouTube.

Ollie and KingCast in a Quest for Justice in the short film, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

Kelly likes to remind us that the State had nineteen-- 19! investigators on the Franconia shooting tragedy. Nice then, that all 19 of them failed to provide one scintilla of investigative integrity on the windshield bullet hole that Gregory W. Floyd shot into Liko Kenney's car before he even crossed the road. Read about it here.

Here is the motherlode post about KingCast and 20/20 and ABC News that covers all of the below:

Ollie and I walked up on 20/20 outside Tamarack Tennis Camp. Then I interviewed 20/20 interviewee Robbie Hayward who said "Liko felt trapped."

Despite all of that, ABC produced a journalistically-challenged Hugh Downs "Officer Down" segment.

That's not cool, guys and we're on top of that and much more. Don't get me started on the characterization of Maura Murray by certain media moguls. It's a Danger Zone and I want the vigorous support of the Fourth Estate to carry the Day.

KingCast: We're here to help. One step forward two step back.... steppin' out of Babylon.....

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Nashua House of Pizza tonight. No sushi. Times a rough in this here struggle. Love you Liko. We got your back =^.)


Anonymous said...

all is not quiet on the western front
the Easton Valley will not surrender
Liko made it known

Christopher King said...

Too smart negroes down for the Cause.

Way two smart.


Christopher King said...

All the major media keys in on how bad Bruce McKay's family and non-common-law wife feel, meanwhile they made Liko Kenney into a villain, totally disrespecting Michele Kenney.

They did the same thing to Maura's parents, trying to make her into a boozer.


It's all B.S.

Anonymous said...


"As Bruce Maitland pushed for action, some law enforcement officers grew irritated with his constant phone calls. According to a source who asked not to be identified for this story, one officer told others that "for every call he got from the Maitlands, he would work all the less on the case."

Christopher King said...

Here is the link to the World Net Daily story.

"Serial killer behind 'disappearing' women?"

Thanks for reminding me to put this link up on the main page of this post, about the same M.O. when they tried that game with Fred Murray.

They tried it with me.

They would have tried it with Liko's case.

I said no way.

The town of Franconia said no way.

No way.

Christopher King said...

Don't look now it's Sean Penn starring as Kelly Ayotte in KingCast's favorite film,

Carlito's Way at 3:20.

See, Sean got mixed up with some bad peoples in that movie, unsavory characters, you know drug felons, like Gregory W. Floyd.

But Kelly you ain't no Benny Blanco from da Bronx......

Here's what Big Al Pacino would say, I think:

"You ain't a lawyer no more Kelly. You a gangster. You on the Other Side now. It's a whole new ball game. And you can't learn it at school and you can't have a late start....."


Anyway, anyone who's been through Grand Central Station -- and I was there a couple weeks after that was filmed -- has to marvel at the last sequence.

I don't even remember what track it was -- I think there is one of a million errors in the movie because whatever train it was does not exist.

No matter.

Kelly's integrity in the Franconia shooting tragedy doesn't really exist either, and that's what makes a story fascinating:

When public officials become the very element from which they are supposed to protect us.


Anonymous said...

7:13 thank-you for the article. It is tragic how these fathers have been treated. It took 19 homicide detectives to ignore the bullet in Liko's windshield. It took an entire state of LE to let these girls stay missing.

Christopher King said...




Anonymous said...

My guess is the State of New Hampshire Has NO FUCKING CLUE where these girls are, but somehow can completely justify their "self-motivated" vanishing acts. It was the girls' idea to disapear?

some would look to Scarinza, Ayotte, and Lynch and would ask for heads to roll others would settle for scalps.

I think the burden of proof is on Scarinza who is confident that Maura and Brianna have nothing in common.

Oh really?

It is time for the leadership of the State Police to make a full acounting to the Fathers of these girls, from Both States, but I'm guessing Vermont isn't as worried as New Hampshire.

Hey Shaheen thanks for the mmrs. I'm sure you'll be defending your client comfortably, cause felons can be heroes too... right?

Prediction, Republicans take back NH in '08. Lynch is kicked to curb. He can thank Kelly, I hope strelzin can break away from this while he still has a chance.

Christopher King said...


Nah, Strelzin and Kennedy are in for a dime, in for a dollar. They're all caught up in it, hardwired.

Take a look at Strelzin.

Take a look at Kennedy.

You know what's funny?

Some of my biker buddies as work know Strelzin and used to pick up correspondence for me when they came through Concord.

They have some serious questions about this case as well. It took a little while to explain it to them, now they ask me every week,

"Is Floyd still on the loose.... does he still have his guns.... have they given you the fingerprint analysis yet.... what about the bullet hole......"

Folks is watchin'.

Oh, Yah.