20 March 2008

KingCast and CP Law Offices present: Freedom riders, circa 2008.


Christopher King said...

Ain't no messin' around here. Those of you who know the story know that when we combine forces beautiful things happen. I'm not even going to link it, don't have to.

You can find it if you want to.

Serbs and Negroes, tennis players, we take no shit.


Christopher King said...

Oh, yah:

To those who have asked or implied:

No we've never dated nor is that likely.

Just a coupla' tennis players (and their families) from thousands of miles apart who care about Justice.

Watch the videos with her twin sister at KingCast.net.


Anonymous said...

Talk about taking no shit - Serbs are real good at genocide. Or maybe that did not happen, either.

Christopher King said...


Glad to get a rise outta' you.

Now focus on this:

Where is the goddamned video that Judge Vaughn ordered produced?

Time for an Albright session with the old Muse.

Not tappin' that right now, on to the new =^.)

Look at that sunshine 'round my grille, negro. Damn I'm so fine, like Erkel with muscles :)



Christopher King said...

You might want to also check out Ante Gotovina's resume.

Two sides to every story, yah.