14 March 2008

Joe McQuaid to Union Leader State Editor Tom Fahey: "That Chris King thinks he's the head nigger in charge, doesn't he?"

So I went up to the Union Leader this afteroon after filing an Affidavit for Brian Jesseman regarding our lawsuit against the Union Leader to recover the IP address/contact info. of a bogus poster. I went pursuant to this post in which I questioned the paper for not including me in their First Amendment Celebration "Fighting for freedoms" honoring Republican George Will and former state Rep. David Scott, who took his city to court in an effort to unseal employee financial records. There is some dispute over whether he actually won anything, but that's neither here nor there at this point.

What is more germane is the conversation I had with these two men in Publisher McQuaid's office when McQuaid flat out told me his paper would never run a story about the KingCast litigation that has already resulted in NH AG Kelly Ayotte being liable to me for ILLEGAL activities involving homicide protocol, with Franconia dealing with purportedly sealable employee records and at least one "lost" Attorney Complaint against Bruce McKay. The Court ordered Affidavits from the town on this so they had damn well better provide them.


The kicker comes in later when I'm in Tom Fahey's office and return from the bathroom. He's on his phone and has his back turned. He's talking to McQuaid.

"HNIC.....That's a little harsh, don't you think?," he said.
"What's HNIC?" I butted in. "Did McQuaid say I was the Head Nigger in Charge?"
"No, he said you just think you are."

I had borrowed my friend's '06 CBR 600RR so I just burned outta' that long driveway of theirs totally pissed off at McQuaid, and rightfully so. I could barely get my leathers on, in fact: Here's a guy who wrote the most scathing editorial about me I've ever seen, claiming I was going to prison and maligning me in the same breath as Jesse Jackson, which I felt was a totally racist trip. He later pulled it but not after I made the copy you see above.

I was going to suggest we have a seat together on the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay park bench I want to buy the town, but after that now frankly I don't know if I have grounds to sue him, but if I can, you know I will. Read the comments section for something else really important about this.


Christopher King said...

None of it happened except for McQuaid's hateful editorial. We just wanted to prove a point that the Union Leader's position in the KingCast/Brian Jesseman case is ludicrous. If they win, I guarantee you people will start attributing statements and actions to McQuaid and Tom Fahey that they did not make, and stealing their intellectual property and thought processes in ways that make them uncomfortable, and then they will come running to Court for relief.

Anyway, I did borrow my friend's '06 CBR 600RR to go to the post office to overnight the KingCast Supplemental Motion for Reconsideration, but the rest of it comes from my discussion over a pint at Peddler's Daughter this afternoon returning from court after I also skated into my Australian friend Alex. We don't run into each other too often, but he thinks the State is being absolutely ridiculous in this case and that the media is all sucked up right into it, eating from the palm of Kelly's hand.

Thus far I can only offer him limited disagreement until his assertion is disproved in any substantial measure.

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Christopher King said...

Oh, yah I almost forgot:

Tom Fahey also told me that McQuaid and Kelly Ayotte used to have unprotected sex behind the bleachers in high school while chanting from the Communist Manifesto. Fahey went on to say that Attorney Greg Sullivan was in on it with a video camera.

See what I mean, Attorney Sullivan?

Your move, counselor.