12 March 2008

Eliot Spitzer, Mike Nifong and Kelly Ayotte exemplify the perils of government hypocrisy.

Three District Attorneys; three fatally flawed approaches to enforcement.

Cross post: BostonNOW, Nashua Telegraph Forum. [27 May 2011 update: Both of these online fora have disintegrated into the blogosphere, KingCast and Chris King's First Amendment Page still running strong.]

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer did some good things and talked a mean game about being a stand up sorta' fella when he was likely violating the Law on Prostitution.

Mike Nifong I'm sure did some good things in his career but was rabid in his pursuit of some guys in the Duke "rape" scandal who may have done nothing more wrong than using the n-word against their accusers and he illegally withheld evidence. Read this Volokh Conspiracy post. Volokh gives Good Blawg.

NH AG Kelly Ayotte was rabid in her pursuit of me and properly came up short, now a Court has found her liable for "illegal" activity to KingCast in withholding evidence, in this instance a dash cam from Corporal Bruce McKay's cruiser (actually that was on Franconia) during the Franconia shooting tragedy, in addition to the homicide investigation protocol. See posts one and two. I called her on it and related her to Nifong in this 30 June 2007 post. More issues loom large for her on fingerprint evidence from where Gregory Floyd murdered Liko Kenney in my opinion, as noted in this pending Motion for Reconsideration as well.

The irony: On 5/11 before the events in Franconia transpired, I was congratulating Kelly Ayotte on her First Amendment stance involving data mining companies who flood the market with heavy drugs that many people don't need.

Liko Kenney, I got your back, bro.


Christopher King said...

I'm gonna' telephone the Union Leader and a few other papers today and see what response I get when I say:

"Hey, I've got a story lead for you.... the AG's office was found to have violated the law by engaging in "illegal" activity......"

Betcha' only the Franconia/Littleton papers run it, even though the issue is one of worldwide importance, and papers all throughout New England "covered" it back when Kelly could do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

Mention boobies. That always works.

Christopher King said...

Well we all know that's what the NAACP cared about:

Take a look at this email.

NAACP says you need a written complaint to initiate an investigation of police abuse, but not for a titty bar.

So many mammaries, errr... memories.