02 March 2008

BostonNOW features KingCast blog on fallen firefighters Cahill and Payne in the Tai Ho tragedy.

It was a top-of-the-page teaser on p.3 of last week's paper above the John Kerry/Jim Ogonowski story (and flanked to a reference of the ridiculous First Amendment-violating case against Mobius artist Milan Kohout:
Looking for Answers: See, when you want the truth about a situation involving firefighters, ask a firefighter involved in the tragedy, because he'll set you straight quick, fast and in a hurry.
-KingCast, read the interview at BostonNow.com/KingCast

The related links are here, discussing the fire tragedy, and here, discussing why toxicology should be important in the Revere shooting tragedy, but it doesn't seem to be for some strange reason.

KingCast: Always looking for answers, especially in the Franconia shooting tragedy with a decision pending by Grafton Superior Judge Timothy Vaughn.

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Christopher King said...

As a child, one of the first (and most frequent) words out of my mouth was "Why?"

If I can ask "why" of my parents, and if the government can ask "why" of its citizens, you had better believe its citizens had better be asking "why" of the government.

KingCast: Not rocket science, just good common sense.