19 March 2008

Barack Obama, Pastor Jeremiah Wright, KingCast and Mother Ann on race.

Look. Mother Ann had a right to be upset with white people. She's been spit on by them, denied work by them and seen them cross the street as she approached. But that still did not stop me from telling her that she had to take every individual as they come, without prejudice. Some people in my family had considered my father an "Uncle Tom" for going to work in the white suburbs of Cleveland in the early 60's just before I was born. But had he not done that, I can almost guarantee you my sister and I would not have had the opportunities we have had, and I would not have been sitting there with Mother Ann at my law school graduation reading Carl T. Rowan's Biography of Thurgood Marshall, "Dream Makers Dream Breakers."

So as noted in this story, it's easy to understand how Senator Obama could support his pastor but not agree with everything he says because some of that fervor has merit, particularly if you channel it toward positive change.

And Mother Ann? For her part she got it, and she loved all of her children, just the same, regardless of whether their blood was part Welsh, Asian or whatever fun stuff we got cooking in our family. And I know in Franconia where I'm helping to expose government corruption (read the KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia Sunshine Week Decision summary and the Court Order Compliance Memorandum) most of those who hate on me don't hate me because I'm black, they hate on me because they just want status quo. And those who love me don't love me because I'm black, they just love me because they love me. The blackness and the whiteness -- all that stuff -- and the experiences we all have had in our lives as they relate to race just adds to the diversity and richness of our experiences. And that's what life should be about.

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Anonymous said...

a classic post, chris. wow...i can't agree more. was so pleased obama did not denounce pastor wright, as was demanded of him.

it's a new world coming, and we're being carried to a place of physical and spiritual integration, whole and undivided, just as it should be. children are educating their parents and grandparents away from ignorance and cruelty.

obama stands as a man of courage...period. apparently, so did your father.

Christopher King said...

Oh, thankfully my father still does stand.

I need to get over to Cleveland to holler.


Anonymous said...

Teaching and learning; what is right, correct.

Take a look at on google; wright on google Intellectually disabled not mentally retarded.

It should be Equal Love for what is right, correct.

I have not seen as much talk about slavery but i am learning about what happen in history.

I have heard that he was talking about education also.

Anonymous said...

I mean write not wright.

Anonymous said...

Well is the guy speaking any truth about what is going on ?

I know i look around and see whats going on today. I am more aware on whats going on now then when i was a child. I go into being intelligent and use my mind to learn the correct way.

I say bring the truth; do not let lies come around.

I study i learn i try to find out the truth.

Christopher King said...


This is what's going on, said Marvelous Marvin.

I'll have a shot of Bahama rum and a cigarette with that, yah all the vices for a minute.

Then right back to work tomorrow.

Don't punish me.... with brutality.....


Anonymous said...

Chris I didnt even know you were black til I read this page of the blog. Theres no sign on the blog that says "Black Activist" just someone battling for EVERYONES rights...

What I do know about you Chris is youve kept me insanely busy reading old blogs and following links for waaaaaay too many hours...
Im almost feeling guilty about sending so many messages and comments.

I guess this explains the Reggae and Marvin links....add in some George Benson and I'll be a happy Little Aussie...
You'll have to get down here one day and meet my brother Staurme and my Godson Raheim.

Barack Obama has a past like every person on this earth and people will try and rake it up to bad name him. So his Pastor goes over the top sometimes; dont we all? Sometimes you have to, just to get noticed so you can say what you really want to, and be heard.
Baracks obviously a very decent guy. Is America actually ready for that in a President?

Christopher King said...


Yah, that's the way it should be.

We must fight for everyone's rights at all times because otherwise the haters divide and conquer!

Yah, GB is great too, yes in deed I'll find a way to work him into the mix soon.

Peace my brother.