30 March 2008

Another First Amendment KingCast victory, this time in Lawrence as students granted expressive rights to wear sweaters through the Figueroa family.

Life isn't all about the new documents in Franconia that show Bruce McKay's abusive history. Remember how Superintendent Alfredo T Laboy actually suspended honor student Flormarie Figueroa after her mother protested about First Amendment issues involving artist Thuan Tran's Martin Luther King/Malcolm X mural? They didn't like her passing out blawg pages from Yours Truly too much, he-heh. Well her mother Izzy and I got that set straight. She got an apology, the sweater policy has been changed and the Eagle Tribune's Mark Vogler reports the suspension will be removed.
Good morning Chris -

Hope all is well! I just wanted to share with you THE POWER OF CHRIS, kidding that is just how I like to call it seeing as you gave me the backbone and strength to fight for the injustice system (abuse of authority) and my daughter's right. There is a brief article in the Eagle Tribune if you have a chance to read it, you'll understand.

I can't thank you enough. Have a great day!


You are welcome Sweetheart. I love changing Unconstitutional school policies; did it a year ago here in Nashua. All in a day's work for the caped crusader of the First Amendment =^.)


Christopher King said...

Hahahaha..... that rocks.


Don't sweat(er) the suspension.... it'll be off by the end of the year which is about 6 weeks anyway. Pick your battles, this one's in the books already.

I am so happy for you!

I know you're at work during the days but one day you're not let me know and we'll meet for lunch at CP Law Offices, 160 Common Street.


Meanwhile send my regards to Thuan. They still owe him an apology for the ignorant and factually inaccurate comments he made about Malcolm X.


Christopher King said...

There is a tool named Tom P (or, Tom Pee as I sometimes call him) over at the Nashua Telegraph chat rooms who never has much of anything too intelligent to say. Recently he said I thought I was a "legend in my own mind."

To that I just updated the sweater story and told him:

"Hey Tom P: I'm no "legend in my own mind" as you falsely accuse me. I'm a f*cking cartoon. Thing is, so too is our government so it's All Good doggy daddy."

Anonymous said...

It says in the newspaper article and I quote "Your trying to fight the system" Hello! OMFG I say " Your God damn right we're fighting the system"

Christopher King said...


System tried to take me down 7 times against this blawg alone.

But being a former AAG I know the system.

Without knowing the system you cannot beat them.

My father took shit for being an "Uncle Tom" but he was none of that when he moved us to the burbs and sent us to prep school.

He and my mother were being prescient.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the article should say that you are trying to "straighten out" the system. What is going on now, is not the way the system was meant to function. Uh oh, somebody f-ed up the system and it needs to get back on the right track.