31 March 2008

KingCast vacation: $1 day at Waterville Valley. PS: Happy Birthday, Marvin.

Even though I'm primarily focused -- like a laser beam -- on Bruce McKay's pattern of misconduct and Franconia's negative reinforcement relative thereto, never let it be said that I don't know how to high-roll, yah! Although I prefer the absolutely free birthday ski at Wildcat but you know you would spend another $15 in gas to get there and back!

See you on Wednesday.

KingCast boldly announces Jane Doe v. Friendfinder to slam Union Leader's "arguments" on False Light Invasion of Privacy in KingCast/Jesseman v. UL.

As some of you know, Brian Jesseman's name and intellectual property was stolen in the Union Leader in favor of Martha McLeod's Bruce McKay highway. By way of update on that, False Light is most definitely actionable as noted in the first link in this paragraph but also in the new case of Jane Doe v. Friendfinder et al, CV-07-286-JL (WBZ & Feminist Law Professor Blog) and KingCast/Jesseman v. Union Leader Surreply at Scrbd.com.


False Light (and misappropriation) exist, and they obtain in Brian Jesseman’s case, contrary to the wishes and whimsy of Defendant.

Respectfully submitted......

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30 March 2008

KingCast and Union Leader salute U.S. Army Sergeant DJ Stelmat and KingCast notes it's a rough year for Brian Jesseman.

DJ (David) Stelmat was a friend of Liko Kenney and Brian Jesseman's. Here's the Union Leader story about his Humvee catching a roadside bomb in Iraq where he was diligently serving his country.

It's been a rough year for Brian.

Liko murdered by Floyd, IMHO.

His name and intellectual property stolen in the Union Leader in favor of Martha McLeod's Bruce McKay highway. Update on that, False Light is most definitely actionable as noted in the first link in this paragraph but also in the new case of Doe v. Friendfinder et al, CV-07-286-JL (WBZ & Feminist Law Professor Blog) and KingCast/Jesseman v. Union Leader Surreply at Scrbd.com.

DJ being killed in Iraq.

When will our government get honest about what its doing, and when will its policies stop causing his friends to die? And when will he get Justice from Judge Lynn, who audibly and visibly says in this video that KingCast is "unfortunate nonsense?"

When will the Union Leader publish anything about the ongoing KingCast v. Kelly Ayotte litigation that shows a blueprint for government liability?

Likely never.

Editor's note: I have received a few emails about this post and others I have made with the distinct intent to raise consciousness to what I believe is an American hypocrisy that this young man should die fighting for freedom while so many others live in oppression. Some people feel I should not mention Sgt. Stelmat and Brian Jesseman or anything to do with the Franconia shooting tragedy in the same breath.

Therefore, I apologize for any confusion and will not continue to do so, but I will say this: I will make a new post to host and forward the new Jesseman Memorandum, and everything I said I mean from the heart, and that comes from knowing and living with my Uncle Joe (RIP) for several weeks, and the discussions we had about liberty and social activism. Rest in Peace, Sgt. Stelmat.

KingCast, Maura Murray, Marvin Gaye & Liko Kenney say: "Don't punish me -- with brutality..... talk to me... so you can see.... what's going on.....

Watch Marvin sing it.
The Franconia shooting tragedy and Maura Murray's disappearance is all about families, pure and impure. To my mind, the private citizens involved have pretty cool families. The LE families have proved to be substantially less so; substantially less trustworthy. Sorry.

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Another First Amendment KingCast victory, this time in Lawrence as students granted expressive rights to wear sweaters through the Figueroa family.

Life isn't all about the new documents in Franconia that show Bruce McKay's abusive history. Remember how Superintendent Alfredo T Laboy actually suspended honor student Flormarie Figueroa after her mother protested about First Amendment issues involving artist Thuan Tran's Martin Luther King/Malcolm X mural? They didn't like her passing out blawg pages from Yours Truly too much, he-heh. Well her mother Izzy and I got that set straight. She got an apology, the sweater policy has been changed and the Eagle Tribune's Mark Vogler reports the suspension will be removed.
Good morning Chris -

Hope all is well! I just wanted to share with you THE POWER OF CHRIS, kidding that is just how I like to call it seeing as you gave me the backbone and strength to fight for the injustice system (abuse of authority) and my daughter's right. There is a brief article in the Eagle Tribune if you have a chance to read it, you'll understand.

I can't thank you enough. Have a great day!


You are welcome Sweetheart. I love changing Unconstitutional school policies; did it a year ago here in Nashua. All in a day's work for the caped crusader of the First Amendment =^.)

29 March 2008

The released Bruce McKay files reveal violation of vehicular pursuit policy, "misrepresentation of facts" & unprofessional conduct noted by KingCast.

Scans tomorrow afternoon in blue.
First of all Angela McKay's Restraining Order is not complete and contains only the two page dismissal. It is Littleton Family Division 1998-0009 so if my posse would be so kind as to round up the rest of it I'd be much obliged.

Second is Policy D: Pursuit Tactics:
(3) Officer shall not attempt to overtake a fleeing vehicle.

(4) Officers may not intentionally use their vehicle to bump or ram the suspect's vehicle in order to force the vehicle to stop or to be pushed into a ditch.

Pursuit shall be immediately terminated in any of the following circumstances:

(E) The suspects identity has been established to the point that later apprehension can be accomplished, and there is no longer any need for immediate apprehension.

What part of that did McKay not understand? Over a damn inspection sticker? Something in the water does not compute. I hate this guy -- he also violated the OC Spray policies and then he died.

Next there is a 6 Oct. 2000 complaint one and two by Franconia Fire Department George Whitcomb that was followed up on 17 Nov. 2000 with no response. Mr. Whitcomb wrote that McKay exhibited unprofessional and imbalanced behaviour, i.e. training an "extremely bright" spotlight on him that was frustrating his attempts to secure the scene. Twice asked to turn it down McKay said, "And I quote: If you ever touch my cruiser again you will be in more trouble than you can handle." Then he went south through the accident scene at a high rate of speed that was "totally uncalled for." Mr. Whitcomb was "curious why he was even at the scene as I don't recall hearing anyone involved ever calling for him."

Nice guy, that Bruce.


Franconia Fire Department Chief Harvey Flanders (a former Police Officer himself) wrote Chief Montminy on 30 October 2000 and dressed McKay down:
1. "McKay needs to have a clear understanding of the proper protocol at an automobile accident scene... the commanding officer is in charge... per RSA 154:7

2. The Chief needs to be aware of the misrepresentation of facts in Officer McKay's log and report. Please see Officer McKay's log vs. Grafton County Dispatch radio log which I have supplied to you and the report referencing incident #00-558-OF."

I have requested a meeting numerous times with you, Officer McKay, George Whitcomb and myself to discuss this event."
cc: Town of Franconia Selectmen

Now can anyone doubt the Troy Watts email to KingCast saying he filed an unanswered ethics charge against Bruce McKay?


Then there is the Affidavit I filed in KingCast v. Ayotte et al (Grafton 07-E-268) on behalf of a Mother whom I promised I would not directly reveal her identity but who said that Bruce flaked out on her and was allegedly suspended after he misperceived some biker activity at Hillwinds Motor Inn.

To make a long story shorter, she wasn't lying even if McKay was not suspended. Trooper Todd D. Landry wrote on State letterhead one and two:
"If one is in pursuit, how do 40+ motorcycles get strategically placed on the outside perimeter of a parking lot and no one gets arrested or summonsed when it is clear that the suspects are the ones that are present?"

More on this later. I need to take a break to get my head together after reading this and knowing that there is stuff worse than this in the documents they weren't compelled to give me. All of this done with the tacit approval of NH AG Kelly Ayotte of course.

And this just in (again): Remember the Tim Stephenson complaint and lawsuit against McKay? This is the sanitized version but the Real Deal you can't find on the Internet anymore was that McKay put his hand on the butt of his service gun and told Tim he was gonna do "whatever it took" to get him out of town, oh yah.

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KingCast says Congratulations, Mike.

I get a Big Smile thinking about you changing diapers. I'm sure Don will give you pointers on how to skip out on that=^.)
Regards to the Missus!

KingCast site of the month: Behind the Blue Wall blog......Back to Bobby Cutts, Bruce McKay and Domestic Violence.

Here's what I wrote to Behind the Blue Wall Blog, another cool cat with Cleveland Roots. We've been talking a bit lately.

"OMG we are on the same page when you wrote that somebody needs to sue Canton PD for hiring and maintaining the dangerous instrumentality of Bobby Cutts.

Look at Bruce McKay from Franconia again vis a vis the Violence Against Woman Act, in light of the Restraining Order Angela took out on him.

And look what I recommend, a Class Action lawsuit."

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28 March 2008

KingCast says "Danger Will Robinson.... will the victims of Bruce McKay please stand up.... for a Class Action lawsuit!"

Negligent Hire
Negligent Retention
Negligent Supervision

The Statute of Limitations is just now starting to run because it took the KingCast litigation to free up most of the proof. Oh, yah, serious as a heart attack and they know it. That's why we haven't seen those Affidavits ordered by Judge Vaughn yet, as I noted this morning's Rocket Science post.

KingCast: We ain't about no messin' around, Jack. It's March Madness and we're gonna' drive the lane and put the whammy on 'em but good.

KingCast RSA 91-A/FOIA request to U.S. Attorney Colantuono and Littleton Chief Smith on 3-time Felon Gregory W. Floyd vis a vis 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

Dear U.S. Attorney Colantuono and Littleton Police Chief Smith:

I was just reading today's Union Leader story about a bloke named Christopher Robinson, 20, who pleaded guilty to being a felon under disability, in violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) and that got to thinking:

Edit: Gregory W. Floyd actually threatened to give LE a "third eye" with his Ruger. Think about that.

Further, U.S. Assistant Attorney General MarK Zuckerman vowed to take Gregory Floyd's gun ownership issues to the ATF for investigation two (2) months ago. Floyd, you may recall is a three (3) time felon who lied about being a Vietnam War Veteran, as NH AG Kelly Ayotte is well aware. Floyd, as you may recall, is now under a Permanent Restraining Order from Grafton Superior Court Judge Timothy Vaughn, in 07-E-344, see pp one and two. Floyd, as you may recall, has admitted violating 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) on at least three (3) occasions, as noted in this police record. Here is his rap sheet.

And Floyd, as you may recall, has at least one firearm in his home, in blatant violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) and U.S. v. Ruckman, as noted in this post.

Listen to Floyd's son admit that fact in this Court hearing in part 4 if I recall correctly. One, two, three and four. While he claims it is locked up, that does not comport with Floyd's history of gun possession, in which guns and ammo were found all over the house.

As such, I seek a copy of any and all documents you have in your possession regarding Gregory W. Floyd that bear his name or any reference to him. If there is an ongoing investigation of Mr. Floyd, who is now busy helping his namesake son with his theft charges, then just certify to me as much and obviously I will await the vigorous pursuit of that investigation and check in with you every few weeks. I will telephone the both of you on Monday to verify receipt of this request, which will not be modified in any way once I send it.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net
On behalf of the First Amendment and FOIA
On behalf of the North Country folks terrified of Gregory W. Floyd

KingCast presents: Granitegrok RSA 91-A Right-to-Know/FOIA NH Supreme Court Oral Argument

KingCast is hardly the only video blogger in New Hampshire dedicated to Open Government. Witness my buddy Doug over at Granitegrok's Oral Argument from 20 March, 2008. We're riding the wave of technology for the people and New Hampshire government had best get ready for more of the same in the coming years.

This is the background on the Belknap County violation of RSA 91-A in my opinion.

I'm Negrodamus and I approve this message.

KingCast says it's not rocket science Dan, have your client comply with Judge Vaughn's ORDER for Affidavits in Grafton 07-E-268.

Dear Attorney Mullen: I don't know what you and Defendant Montminy are pondering right now but back on 6 March 2008 His Honor clearly instructed your client, the Town of Franconia, to do the following regarding my investigation of the Franconia shooting tragedy in which Liko Kenney shot Bruce McKay out of fear, and Gregory W. Floyd murdered Liko Kenney in my opinion. It is now 28 March 2008 and these Affidavits have not crossed my palm. Judge Vaughn held:
The Franconia Defendants must therefore undertake another search, since this search lacks indicia of reasonableness. In order to establish to the Court that the Town has undertaken an adequate, reasonable search, affidavits by any personnel involved in the search should describe the locations searched, as well as the terms and results of any computerized searches. After a reasonable and adequate search, the Court will be able to determine whether RSA 91-A was or was not violated, even if the documents cannot be found

It's not rocket science, just have them explain how they keep their records and why they couldn't locate Attorney Troy Watts' complaint and the Use of Force/Arrest Reports authored by Bruce McKay, which I believe were written sometime after his wife Angela McKay dismissed her Restraining Order against him.

Is there an Apollo 1 situation going on here? Some other meltdown in Communication? Do I need to motion to have them found in contempt?

Please advise me of your client's intentions TODAY at kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Very Truly Yours,
Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net
On behalf of the First Amendment
In the Spirit of Liko Kenney and Mother Ann

27 March 2008

NH AG Kelly Ayotte passes the buck to Lt. Charles West on the Bruce McKay Tahoe original video of the 5/11 tragedy when Gregory Floyd murdered Liko.

As to the reggae issue noted in the comments, Liko's friend and state lobbyist Oliver Ruff and I were living in the danger zone from the get go. But don't get it twisted because on 5/11 before Liko and Bruce died I totally praised Defendant Ayotte on a First Amendment Commercial Speech Rush Limbaugh Oxycontin issue and I meant it with all of my heart. Watch Oliver and me in the Hallowed Halls of the New Hampshire State House in this video. Kelly wrote me today, finally after more than a week of unanswered inquiry:
"If you wish to review the original videotape, you will need to contact Lt. Charles West at the New Hampshire blah blah blah....."

Check out the "investigation" rap between Lt. West and 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd from this verbatim post of 21 January 2008.

Remember this highly-esteemed officer, Sgt. Wentworth called Liko Kenney a "dirtbag."

Read the comments for the disclaimer. There will be cameras present when I have my chat with Lt. West you better believe it. Anyone who wants to come with me, let's find a nice 23 window microbus and rock it hard.


At pdf 894 and 903 Floyd claims that he never got Liko's gun cleared -- which is certifiably false:

"Both were test fired and found to function normally."

He got it cleared and he put the jammed bullet into his pocket as proved (pdf. 564) then he loaded Liko's second clip to make it appear that Liko had done so after he finished murdering him, IMHO.

Also any notion of conversation from Floyd to Liko is totally bogus, even though Kelly's (unsigned) Official Report has Floyd saying "I told him whatever came into my mind...." because Floyd clearly says at 874
"And then you know I, I walked up at that time and uh, probably within four seconds had shot the driver."
This supports his previously-documented statement on another volume:

Page 20/1,000:
"Did you say anything before you fired?"
"No, I didn't"

And that's what Caleb said as well:
Page 11/1,000
The man said nothing before he fired."

But Sgt. West is Floyd's buddy, listen to this comment:

Pdf 886:
"You're giving him time by you working the mechanism and under the situation that's pretty cool, I think."

Sir: I think not. "Four seconds," remember...... I think you and your staff intentionally ignored the windshield bullet because that proves that Floyd started shooting from across the street; McKay's gun was operating just fine, immediately. And you know what else I think? I think with all due respect your "investigation" should undergo scrutiny by the U.S. Department of Justice or an International body if necessary because the whole World can see it was a sham. And that's all on NH AG Kelly Ayotte, New Hampshire's highest legal officer.

Good thing this guy is walking around on percocet and effexor (874), an anti-depressant. But threatening people like A.J. Boisvert makes him happy, so as long as he can do that, he'll be all right.

KingCast gots to holla' over Lebron, Giselle and Vogue.

Oh, hell naw...... I'm from Cleveland and view Lebron just about like a demi-god. But that cover is naff, mate. Here's an old blawg entry with Lebron, Dr. J. and cousin Mike Wilbon talkin' 'bout NBA dress codes and stereotypes of all things. Shit, [negro] I need a beer! Colt 45, of course.

Here's what they're saying over at Topix.

Lebron knows how to dress. But for those who don't I suggest my friend Emmi at mansworldco.com.

KingCast says it takes Vermont's Caledonian Record to cover KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte/Franconia, Grafton Superior 07-E-268.

That's odd. Here's the link to JPEG. You would think that New Hampshire media would cover a case involving a double homicide in which the NH AG and Town were ordered to provide documents and the original dash cam video (concerns of sound suppression, yah) to another former AAG, Civil Rights lawyer and editor/reporter. Here's my Curriculum Vitae. Anyway, go figure. As they say across the pond, that's naff.

But it's All Good. There are other media in touch with me right now so we'll see where it goes. Liko Kenney KingCast and the Franconia Collective have got your back; wish we could have had you on the frontside.

I haven't had time to read it yet but I trust Reporter Nixon so I'll get to it later this morning. Meanwhile, Judge Vaughn's second decision involving Franconia may be read right here.

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26 March 2008

KingCast to explore the Violence Against Women Act and Angela McKay's Restraining Order against Bruce McKay.

Okay. Not Angela McKay pictured, but as a former AAG I know you cannot be a police officer once a Permanent Restraining Order is issued against you. See this pro-cop defense site, edpdlaw.com.
"More often than not, a TRO is obtained against the officer usually causing his suspension from the force. In some instances the Judge permits the officer to carry his weapon only while on duty. If a Final Restraining Order is entered, a Motion will be made by the Prosecutor's office for the officer to forfeit his weapons. No longer able to carry his firearm, he will be terminated from his employment as a police officer."

Run -- don't walk -- to the Dow Murders link right here, wherein former North County cop Richard Dow almost certainly murdered his first wife and adoptive son. Yah, I know the second wife and she's credible.

Okay. In about two days, thanks to Court Order and my $8.60 postal money order to Franconia Counsel Dan Mullen, he will give me part of the file showing where Angela McKay -- the only woman who may legally lay claim to being married to Bruce McKay in any way -- withdrew a Restraining Order against Bruce McKay. From that I can obtain the rest of the file to see when she filed it and what the particulars are, when it was granted, etc. etc. Of course all of that should have been in the file from the get go, but whatever. The Restraining Order is referenced at p.2.

Judge Vaughn In-Camera Decision Page one, two, three, four, five and six.

Remember that the Violence Against Women Act of 1994 forbids a person who is the subject of a domestic abuse restraining order to transport, receive, or possess firearms or ammunition which have come across state or federal borders. Okay so that's effed'-up because we have reason to believe Bruce McKay was apprehended while in pursuit of his ex-wife over state lines with a trunk full of weapons.

Also, if Angela had pressed the matter Bruce would have been stone cold out of a job. Read the worksheet and read the part expressly on Restraining Orders.

It all goes to Negligent Retention and supervision. You know, did Franconia ever discipline McKay in any way or did they just let this walking time bomb zoom about town in a 5,500lb Tahoe to terrorize other women like Ms. B, with his knife-near labia antics?

Not to mention he seemed a little too happy to take down Sarah in the video that KingCast obtained only through litigation, watch it here. I smell a misogynist pig.

KingCast: We come for the real, take no prisoners.

KingCast says Dalai Lama can't win for losing. China, I feel, is a loser.

I make no pretensions about being a Buddhist. Zen, yeah, Buddhist I am not. I mean I go out of my way not to kill any living creature and I meditate and want to believe in the Good of most people but that's about where I am. Now as for the Dalai Lama, I cannot imagine being in his position. I don't agree with everything he believes in. I don't agree with everything China believes in.

And now he is thrust into this situation that is certain to get uglier with every passing day and he's going to catch holy hell (sorry) from all sides. It will be a true test of his temperament as a sentient or sapient being, that much is certain. It's so large, to use a tennis term, I can't get around on it. So much pace and power and force coming down on the Man he's still taking his racket back and the ball is already up on him. BTW I love that picture of him because it's totally real, totally homey.

Holy hell from China.

Holy hell from Tibet.

Jeezlouise, it makes my life in New Hampshire dealing with a fascist architecture maintained by Attorney General Kelly Ayotte and Franconia selectmen (against whom KingCast just prevailed in a Right-to-Know lawsuit) resemble a walk in the park =^.)

KingCast says "Well what do you have to say for yourself now, Kelly, and where is my video from Bruce McKay's Tahoe?"

That's Kelly and Dan, Dan and Kelly from the Halcyon days when they were together at the AG's office, losing Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, yet another First Amendment case (Right to Privacy, it's Penumbral and similar to the KingCast/Brian Jesseman case) they couldn't handle. They sure had a lot to say at the time, wired for sound..... Now that KingCast and Judge Vaughn have given them the royal smack down, a brother can't even get a holler on when he can retrieve that original VHS tape from Bruce McKay's Tahoe, and the 111 pages of Franconia information, including policy papers and info on Angela McKay's successful Restraining Order against Bruce McKay have yet to cross my palms.

Judge Vaughn In-Camera Decision Page one, two, three, four, five and six.

Added to my resume on Scribd.com.

Will the dastardly duo of New Hampshire Civil Rights Jurisprudence plot an appeal? They'll need one of these.

UPDATE from Defendant Ayotte's "Response to Court Order."
"The Attorney General's Office will work with New Hampshire State Police to facilitate Petitioner's request to view and copy the original dashboard video, in accordance with RSA 91-A:5:IV."

Good. Well let's get on with it, as I asked you for days, dates and times a week ago and since it was no problem for you to get it in the first place and give the World the apparently sound-suppressed video we've all seen and (sort of) heard ad nauseam. I've also asked for the chain of custody for that video in a new RSA 91-A request.

My Reply Memorandum at Scribd.com.

UPDATE from Franconia's Dan Mullen:
"Provide us with a check in the amount of $8.60 and we will send you the documents."

Good. An overnight mail goes out to him today, with a priority mail envelope for return so the key documents should be posted online by Saturday.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling episode from Gotham City, errr... Concord, NH.

Union Leader counsel reckless with the law of False Light Invasion of Privacy in KingCast/Brian Jesseman v. Union Leader.

i. "Plaintiff Fails to State a Claim for False Light Invasion of Privacy Because the Tort Does Not Exist in New Hampshire."

Wrong answer. KingCast responds:

B. False Light Invasion of Privacy and Tortious Misappropriation of Likeness.

Defendant failed to address the Pasquale and Zoeller cases and misrepresented to this Honorable Court that False Light does not exist in New Hampshire. But it does. See Howard v. Antilla, 294 F.3d 244 (1st Cir 2002).
"The jury returned a sizeable verdict in favor of the chairman for false light invasion of privacy, but a take-nothing verdict on the defamation claim….. Generally understood, a false light privacy action differs from a defamation action in that the injury in privacy actions is mental distress from having been exposed to public view, while the injury in defamation actions is damage to reputation."

Undaunted, KingCast continues:

"It is clear that a reasonable person in Mr. Jesseman’s situation would be highly offended by someone publicly alleging that he supports someone whom he feels bullied his friend and who contributed to his friend’s death and who was a police officer subject to a successful Restraining Order brought by his wife, as noted in Judge Vaughn’s Decision in KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte, Grafton 07-E-268 (2008), costs taxed to Defendants Ayotte and Town of Franconia. Attachment 1."

"All that matters is whether there is a reasonable quantum of evidence before this Honorable Court for it to determine that a violation may have occurred. It is up to the next court, after Plaintiff identifies the Tortfeasor, to hear the weight and sufficiency of the evidence as Plaintiff Jesseman has clearly articulated enough facts to cover his prima facie burden."

Here's the full Reply Memorandum at Scribd.com.

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25 March 2008

KingCast watches Defendant Ayotte run around crucial fingerprint analysis of Gregory Floyd on Liko Kenney's Hi-Point .45 magazine.

Dear Attorney Kennedy:

I have received your Memorandum in Opposition to the KingCast Motion for Reconsideration, primarily regarding the Gregory Floyd fingerprint analysis that your client Kelly Ayotte has thus far refused to provide. Why are you guys holding out on a brother? You asked for your usual 30-60 days on that which is just about run, still you have issued no meaningful response.

Frankly, I don't care either way. If the Court decides not to address it because it occurred during the litigation I'll just file a new lawsuit in a few weeks focused directly on that, with the alacrity of a laser beam. You can run but you can't hide, even though it appears for all the World in this video capture that you wish you could.

Isn't it great that the NH Supreme Court supports KingCast cameras in the Courtroom as noted in this Union Leader story, "NH bids to make courts current with technology?"

It's All Good.

KingCast, I'm confused... did the court rule that Defendants Ayotte and Franconia owe you litigation costs because the lawsuit was necessary?

KingCast artist of the Day: Leah Randazzo Group; and Happy Birthday to Sarah Vaughan!

Not working today, I was taking a nap before I head off for $1.50 Happy Hour beers at Penuche's and to the library to scan the 19 March Decision by Judge Vaughn in which he nailed Franconia for costs in KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al. when I heard it: On WERS.org it is local music week. They set it off good with Leah Randazzo Group.

Sarah Vaughan I think would be proud of this youngster and her group, no I'm sure she would be proud. Happy Birthday, Sarah.

Judge Vaughn In-Camera Decision Page one, two, three, four, five and six.

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