06 February 2008

NH AG Kelly Ayotte is in trouble: KingCast does not care about her "mental processes" --just want the fingerprint docs, pursuant to Piper v. U.S. DOJ.

I just received James "Deer in the headlights" W. Kennedy's Motion to Strike these Interrogatories regarding Gregory Floyd's fingerprints on Liko Kenney's gun clip. He filed it on behalf of Attorney Ayotte, and it's no small wonder he's so sketched-out now, because of Piper v. United States DOJ, 294 F. Supp. 2d 16 (2003). They tried to argue Meriam v. Salem, 112 NH 267 (1972) and that worked with regard to Kelly giving a Deposition, but a document request is not tantamount to a Deposition, No Sir. In fact I just Lexis searched it, and unlike Piper -- a Right-to-Know case -- it's only a zoning case that does not once mention RSA 91-A or FOIA and does not deal with document production. The Plaintiff sought to interview board members as to their thought processes. I just want my documents. Simple.

Here's the KingCast Memorandum Contra and a video of Officer Pepper himself in action.


I also have a copy of a pathetic, desperate rambling from State Rep Martha McLeod who sounds kind of loopy talking about Bruce McKay's father's painting of him while arguing against State Rep Edmund Gionet. Why do Kelly Ayotte and Martha McLeod get off on protecting people like Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd who abuse women? It's disgusting. She's a hater, but check this out:
"This was the first time Candace Bouchard, D-Concord, head of the committee could recall objections being filed over naming a public roadway after a slain police officer. That so many constituents were so loud and clear about their objections gave the committee cause to recommend further study...."

That's what KingCast has been saying ALL ALONG, so good to know that so many legislators are coming to see the light. Liko Light, that is. Not a perfect man, but none of us are. He was screaming for so long about injustice while nobody listened, and those who did, were afraid. But that's my brother and while I might not have to shoot you with a .45 I'll gun down a hater with a legal brief before you clear leather, you better believe it.


I also received Defendant Franconia's admission that their town logo may have been unlawfully misappropriated to honor 3 time felon and in my opinion murderer Gregory W. Floyd, as noted herein. From 1 Feb. 2008:
"Dear Mr. Jesseman, in response to your email regarding the TyeBand that was given to Gregory Floyd, the town was not involved with the production of the bracelet."

Okay so then they need to sue for misappropriation or copyright or trademark; I'll need to contact my intellectual property lawyer Jeffery L. Kosiba and get back on that. TTFN,

PS: I hope you think hiding material evidence is worth your career James. Frankly, as a four-year AAG before I quit and successfully sued them and the Bad Cops for police abuse V1996-61481 I think it's the worst decision you could make in your young career. They will hang you high and leave you to dry, grasshopper.


Christopher King said...

All right, Grasshopper, let me take you back in the day to what made me want to be an AAG until I saw the evil they do:

Michael Franti and Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, "Television."

Take two.

...."Where straight teeth in your mouth... are more important than the words that come out of it... the cathode ray nipple.... the only wet nurse that could raise a cripple....

Consolidated, "Message to the People."

...We ain't rollin' like that no more... we rollin' with seminars, press conferences, and straight-up rallies....."


Christopher King said...

I covered more territory in one entry than I typically do because I'm juxtaposing the mission of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee with the fact that the continued subterfuge of the State renders the Committee's mission all but impossible.

How in the heck can the community heal when the community doesn't even have all of the relevant facts to the tragedy in review?

Governor Lynch has made his position clear; and he doesn't give a damn what the community wants, and ignored our request for fact-finding tour.

Like it or not, Governor Lynch, you're getting your fact finding tour while a 30-year veteran of the Executive Council is giving me Right-to-Know and First Amendment Commendation from the City of Nashua.

The shame of it is that by your myopia -- and that of NH AG Kelly Ayotte -- you are ignoring the salient facts of the case and that makes the local all the less likely to support any memorial for Bruce McKay.

I tried to tell you, but y'all just hard-headed.

Stuck on stupid.

Anonymous said...

Martha is saying that they are talking about adopting for 1 mile stretches of road to memorialize Bruce McKay!! If you don't want to listen to the citizens maybe they should start doing the same for Liko Kenney. Her point is that they will do as they please and find a way around it.

Martha McLeod is missing a few links in the chain up in that brain of hers and Lynch would be wise to take notice.

Anonymous said...

Martha obviously has a personal interest, above and beyond the needs of her constituency. She is compounding tragedy.

Christopher King said...

She's out of her ever-lovin' mind, and calculatedly indifferent to the desires of her constituency.


Anonymous said...

If HB1428 was introduced to the Franconia SB for support at a public meeting the meeting should have been posted and the minutes from that meeting are public.

Anonymous said...


Yes, and here is the official record:

Sept 24 - Sally Small read an email that was received from Rep mcLeod encouraging the Select Board to write a letter to the Chair of the Transportation Department saying the Board supports mile marker 109 in memory of Bruce McKay.

Oct 1 - The Selectmen reviewed and signed the letter to the Chairman of the Transportation Committee endorsing a mile marker in memory of Corporal Bruce McKay.

The problem is that franconia does not publish meeting agenda's before the fact so no public discussion could resonably be expected to take place. With an issue so polarizing, the prevailing thought should have been to get that input before making the decision.

Christopher King said...


How soon will the House audio transcript be available.

Who's got that covered?

I've got my hands full with the Gloucester case and the Motion for this one today.


Anonymous said...

I have lost track. When did the House vote on the bill? It should be available two weeks from that day on the NH legislative site. Refresh my memory of the date voted on and I will keep track of it.

Anonymous said...

I believe that the vote was on January 29th.

Christopher King said...

I believe you need to check this new post, because every picture tells a story, baby.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, might have been January 30th. not the 29th.