28 February 2008

KingCast watches 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd cop a continuance in his criminal threats case; Littleton 08CR-23 to 15 April, 2008.

Okay. The last thing I want to do the day after my birthday -- which I share with Floyd, unfortunately -- is to go watch this lowlife at trial, but hey if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. I noted in this post back on 18 Jan that the Teflon Don of the North Country had waived reading at this arraignment. The clerk informs me that the motion was mutually assented but was apparently requested by Attorney Christie.

Who the hell is paying for Attorney Christie is what I want to know..... I know Floyds family may have some property so maybe they hit up that equity line o' credit. Whatever, it's All Good except that now AJ Boisvert has to wait longer for Justice, and Justice delayed is Justice denied. But it does give me more time to prepare a care package for the prosecutor and for the ATF for Gregory W. Floyd's repeated violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) as KingCast and U.S. Attorney Mark Zuckerman discussed when he straight up vowed to approach the ATF.

Related Post: Gregory W. Floyd's multi-state rap sheet, and the YouTube audio from the hearing in which Judge Vaughn granted a Permanent Restraining Order against Floyd after he threatened gunplay against his neighbor AJ Boisvert.


Christopher King said...

What a cluster.

Is this tool really a government operative?

Is that why he seems to get out of trouble all of the time?

What about the "43 kills" he says he has but which Kelly never investigated.... is that because she already knew about the 43 kills or because she knew he's a damn lunatic.

Careful how you answer, Kelly.

Oh, wait: Kelly doesn't have to answer that. In fact, she doesn't have to answer to much of anyting..... She's a high-powered legal executive, making decisions under which mere mortals must live -- or more accurately eek out a subsistance.

Her decisions carry the imprimatur of God's own will, if you believe Governor Lynch.

Thing is, I don't believe Governor Lynch.

Christopher King said...

Yah, I personally know someone who was on the unwelcome end of Gregory P. Floyd's infatuations.

Oh, yah, that kid was pure sketch. She's wicked bummed out by that kid; moved away for a while because of him.

"Oh, yah the window was open."

"Oh, yah Liko's gun was jammed."

"Oh, yah I've only been in trouble with the law a coupla' times."

"Oh, yah I talked to Liko before I started shooting at him and Caleb."

"Oh, yah Liko ran McKay over twice before I started shooting."

"Oh, yah I did tours of duty in Vietnam." Llisten to Sam Stephenson's interview, it' amusing in its own way now that Sam knows the Real. Sam's a Good Brother and a stand-up guy so you know he's always nice to talk with.

"Oh, yah AJ Boisvert had a gun that day......"

"Oh, yah I'm all right. I've killed 43 people....."

Where does it end?

Is this tool really a government witness, or does he just know too much about something?

One thing for certain Kelly:

He ain't no hero.

Namaste, from KingCast.net

Christopher King said...

Here's an overwhelmingly ugly fact pattern about Franconia government (mis)management at Selectman Candidate Jeffery Jesseman's website.

To which I wrote:

Frankly, I'm overwhelmed.

I'm also not surprised. Too much to get into right now but here's some relevant back story for you about how Sally Small responded to the KingCast RSA 91-A Request for Bruce McKay's personnel file:


This is from one of my pleadings:

Defendant by and through Selectman Administrative Assistant Sally Small wrote on 3 July 2007:

“The documents you are requesting are exempt from disclosure pursuant to RSA 91-A. The documents in Corporal McKay’s files are all personnel related and fall into the category of personnel records. Therefore, the records will not be disclosed to you because of the reasons I have just mentioned.”

Nah, sorry but they've even since provided the documents to me and to other media so their refusal then is and was unlawful, ipso facto. They know they should have coughed it up when KingCast came-a-knockin' in the first place, but I was just another concerned citizen so my queries didn't seem to mean much. They do now.

Duh. Win or lose at Superior Court, I like my chances on appeal on that issue, totally. And I hear Sally Small hates me. So does Martha McLeod, but they have no reason to hate me, it's insane. They just need to stop violating the Law.

Keep on doing what you're doing Mr. Jesseman because there's no letting up going on over in my camp either.