14 February 2008

KingCast tells Utah State Senator Chris Buttars to go to Hell for his conduct inimical to FOIA/Right-to-Know. He's a total tool.

Chris Buttars has introduced legislation that would allow police to withhold any reports concerning police misconduct from the public (found via Digg). That's because the whole reason the taser video made it to YouTube was because the victim filed a Freedom of Information Act request for it. So now, rather than deal with stopping police misconduct, it appears supporters of this legislation would simply prefer that no one knows about it.

It might be worth noting that this comes at about the same time as new reports of a police officer suspended for inappropriate activity -- which was brought to light via YouTube. I bet he would also love to curtail the KingCast experience of cameras in the Courtroom since 1996, and suing to get this video of Norman Bruce McKay in YouTube action OC Spraying Sarah as well. Not to mention all of the courtroom audio we have on YouTube.

Let me tell you something, Bukko: As adjudicated and with rare exception, there's no privacy in a public courtroom (where I'm going tomorrow on the Franconia shooting tragedy) and the actions of officials who earn their salaries from public funds are presumptively public record.

Senator BUTTars: You have just been KingCasted, you tool.


Christopher King said...

TechDirt's server was busy but when it's free they will receive this message:


This guy's a total tool. As a former AAG I abhor his conduct inimical to the First Amendment, Right-to-Know and FOIA. I linked to y'all's page today -- 14 Feb. 2008 -- at my blawg, Chris King's 1st Amendment Page.


Rock on.

Anonymous said...

hey hypocrite slime: why aren't you dissin slc mayor scum becker for support the same bill. y

Christopher King said...

I'm no hypocrite, screw the Mayor, too.

Did I stammer?


Anonymous said...

outrageous...keep the cams pointed right at LE 24/7 to weed out the bad ones, like "norman" bruce mckay.