26 February 2008

KingCast supporter and Ohio State Senator Eric Kearney welcomes Barack Obama to Ohio for a pivotal primary against Hillary Clinton.

I do not know Barack Obama. Never met him. I do know Senator Kearney though, because back when he was an associate with Strauss & Troy and I was an editor for the Cincinnati Call & Post he wrote a recommendation for me to get into law school. We speak from time to time and while our lives have taken us many miles apart it's always good to hear he's working hard for constructive change. He held a fundraiser for Senator Obama exactly one year ago and is active this week as well, speaking tomorrow at Clermont College near Cincinnati.

He's got the money and the power.... but he's also got the grey hair :)

Besides, I didn't go to law school for any of that. I went to law school to make First Amendment History for the disfranchised, and here's some YouTube audio/video about some of that.

KingCast and Justiceforkids say: Love ya' Man, thanks for everything. Liko Kenney thanks you too.

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Christopher King said...

Back in the 80's a few years before I met Eric, Car and Driver tested a VW Rabbit GTi and proclaimed it "The Car we've all been waiting for."

So I bought one. And then 5 more VWs, mostly GTi.

But today, this is the case everyone in North Country -- where Senator Kearney attended Dartmouth -- is waiting for.

And I bought into this one too, with all of my skills, mind, heart, body and soul.