08 February 2008

KingCast stands aghast and asks Counselors Dan Mullen and Nancy Smith if they know someone is posting bogus comments about Brian Jesseman in the U.L.

Okay, Brian Jesseman is a friend of mine and the son of Franconia Selectman Candidate Jeffery Jesseman, who is working hard to gain open, transparent and responsive government. His website is http://www.myspace.com/yourvoice03580. I know for fact Brian did NOT write the passage reproduced below. Now it is incumbent of the Union Leader to tell us who did, or at least issue the IP Address of the individual(s) who posted that comment.
"The notch is already named for one person, I propose the section of the road where Bruce McKay be named in his honor. Bruce patrolled that section of road, I think it would be very fitting for Route 116 be name[sic] in his honor."
-Brian Jesseman, Franconia.

Dear UL Publisher Joe McQuaid: Have your legal team start reviewing and Shepardizing the case law herein, because you'll have a memo in your email on Monday morning.

Unbelievable. But that information is accessible and we need to know who it is. For that matter the Union Leader should conduct its own inquiry. I'll find out who it is, you Big Dummy, you should have kept your Big Mouth Shut. In Franconia people didn't run from criminals, but many of them wanted to run from Bruce McKay. Ask Ms. B after her penis-shaped knife nightmare with Bruce.


Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar:


Oh, yeah.....

They will fight giving us that info but I will sue for it in a heartbeat.

The law is that anonymous posters to a blog are safe. But that case did not involve ascribing a false identity to a known person.

The more the UL fights me the worse it looks.


i'm shocked....someone out there is really nasty. it's all moving from a battle to war......

Anonymous said...

That is bullsh*t. I want to know who really sent that to the UL. And i know for sure it wasn't one of the Jesseman's.

Christopher King said...

As I said, I'll sue to find out what that IP address is if they don't provide it, and they probably will not provide it so guess what.......

Haters is just so ignunt.

Anonymous said...

Pretty bold and pretty desperate for someone to do such a thing. It is very sick. It would be like someone posting as McKay's close friend and saying it shouldn't go through.

You bet UL would give the info if it was the other way around and they certainly should now.

Anonymous said...

Disclaimer! these issues have nothing to do with each other and their proximity is a matter of random prose!

Its not about the UL, it's their parent company, they profit off of this! Don't waste time with a paper that wasted no time (3 days) ruining Maura's good name ('have a drink Maura')? Sue the veterans on the corporal's (MSNBC Corporate) board. If we lay down with dogs(Mcquaid), we will wake up with fleas(DTRT). That paper was character assasination for Maura; inserting Brian into this un-authorized online opinion about 116 is seting him up for unwanted attention and anxiety. The UL's effect on Maura's case was reprehensible (permanent damage for possible rescue). That Brian is left with a permanent opinion that he would never offer, is inflamatory and demands redress (compensation + apology). Strike them with a written lawsuit, make em squirm, make em settle.

Did you know one of norman's dogs was named kelly? no highway involved here, just a random human name for a dog.

I too would like to know the name of the man who typed a comment in Brian's name. I'm sure some writers would like to strike back.

Disclaimer! these issues have nothing to do with each other and their proximity is a matter of random prose!


sounds inocuous enough just wait till you read the story.

What's up Brian! I knew it wasn't you when I read it. Good luck to your Father, he should be in the Senate especially with that cool a website.

4 years have passed mr. mcquaid..... what have you done. I'd ask kelly the same question, but she's busy investigating push polls herself (the primary is over).

Christopher King said...

You newbies should read the history of KingCast and the UL, but I save a copy for your reading pleasure.

They had written me off to Prision when I was NAACP director, then pulled the nasty editorial -- no doubt written by Joe McQuaid -- and then one day a stringer happened to slip the real story in:

The dirbag prosecutor took a powder under an ethics investigation, and the Police Chief got fired and it was affirmed by former NH AG John P. Arnold.

Word search: Bill Albrecht, Martin Dunn, John P. Arnold, McQuaid.

Christopher King said...

PS: Yes I have made note of Kelly the dog on prior occasion. In fact I have a pic of the doghouses but McKay's daughter is in it so I have to crop her out.

While mass media has posted her image to flatter her father, I will not post it to tell the unsavory truth.

When she grows up she can read the Court documents.

Anonymous said...

Maura Murray missing four years ago today. A deans list college student, recruited athlete, and loving, thoughtful daughter.

What was printed in the media came off as a lying, drunk, looking to commit suicide in NH.

Brian is another victim to media control by whom?

Christopher King said...

Homie ain't gonna' play that crap this time. That's but one reason why Liko and Laura are linked -- the media manipulation.

Today we have tools and skills that the haters wish we had not. Can't wait to start researching that IP access; LEXIS is the Great Equalizer for government and corporate media B.S.

Christopher King said...

Here's the law behind the lawsuit. I'll be reviewing and Shepardizing it over the weekend, then I will issue my Memorandum to Joe McQuaid Monday morning.

KingCast: Straight, no chaser, rolling as a Cannonball....

Anonymous said...

Hope you know many of us read right through the negative media coverage about Maura, just as we did with Liko.
Evidence of Maura's goodness and accomplishments, and her family and social connections shone right through. Her immensely loving father speaks volumes in pictures, alone.
It was interesting to read that Maura and her father hiked in NH mountains from the time she was little, and it's hard to believe she disappeared without being the victim of criminal action.
Kind and compassinate wishes extend to her father, family and friends on another difficult anniversary date.

Anonymous said...

BTW, just heard a communication from police to dispatch where a verbal warning was issued to a driver without an inspection sticker and no front license plate (as required in this state).
hmmmm - no tahoe slamming or mace. what's wrong with these people here?!?

Anonymous said...

Some overlapping on the Maura Murray/Liko Kenney cases - bogus investigations, protecting Floyd

Christopher King said...

I'll be posting a Maura Murray Entry this evening.