04 February 2008

KingCast sits in amazement as NH AG Kelly Ayotte disrepects Trooper Cooper and tries to dodge requests on ballistics and fingerprints in Franconia.

First off, how did Liko's live round wind up in Floyd's pocket?

Second, Kelly knows how to do fingerprint analysis you better believe it. Check out State v. Connor, 937 A.2d 928 (Dec. 14 2007), and even though the NH Supreme Court reversed the conviction in that case it's still obvious that the State knows how to conduct fingerprint analysis, including latent prints.
Fingerprints were lifted from the jar and sent to the state forensic lab for analysis. The two additional fires occurred at 291 Manchester Street and 459 Beech Street.

At trial, Timothy Jackson, a criminalist at the state lab who was [*2] qualified as an expert in latent fingerprint analysis, testified to his identification of the fingerprints found on the pickle jar. According to his testimony, the latent fingerprint methodology utilized by the state lab follows a four-step procedure known as "ACE-V" -- analysis, comparison, evaluation, and verification.

Who was the defense counsel? Well none other than James T. Brooks, who has prevailed on the Fox Hill Park Unconstitutional arrests, read his Motions and McKay's losing Memoranda right here, brought to you in KingCast vision. I've spoken with Attorney Brooks before, now it's time for another call to him.

Now let's go right here to the Trooper Cooper interview of 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd in which he says:

C: OK and i, and I guess the reason I ask that is um, later our crime scene people are going to be taking those weapons
F: Yah

C: And I guess what, my question is, is what state is it gonna be in now and how did it get in that state?

But now the State wants to avoid these very issues as countenanced in this Discovery Request and in RSA 91-A requests. Read the email exchange with Deer-in-the-headlights opposing counsel Kennedy in the comments section. What's up with THAT? What's the natural inference? Something to hide. That is clearly public information. Here's what LEOs said, and here's Bruce McKay OC Spraying Sarah, replete with sexual overtones like the knife-near-labia episode.

I'll file for Sanctions against the AG based on Washington v. Police Dep't, 1994 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 11717 (Stateside claim for fingerprint analysis is lawful), Foster v. Exec. Office for United States Attys., 2006 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 30889 (got her fingerprint analysis as sought) and more, after I ease into work and check my Lexis.

And as if on cue: Milford NH District Judge Martha Crocker just slammed Milford police for trying to hide public documents:
"Criminal matters are open to the public," Crocker wrote, "and the state bears the very high burden of convincing the court that the state's interest in sealing this file far out weighs the public's right to know. The state has failed to meet that burden."

I'm going to NOW with this. There's no love lost between them and Kelly you bet. See Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood.


Christopher King said...

Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 14:38:07 -0800 (PST)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: RE: KingCast interrogatory and document request
To: "Kennedy, James" James.Kennedy@doj.nh.gov
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Mr. Kennedy,

I most certainly do not consent to your Motion. In fact, I find it ludicrous and another patent attempt to prevent the World Public from discovering what happened out there on that fateful day on 116.

Defendant Ayotte already got a pass on a Deposition. How much more do you guys have to hide?

I will vigorously oppose your Motion.

Be certain to send my response to Judge Vaughn.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

"Kennedy, James" James.Kennedy@doj.nh.gov wrote:

Mr. King,

Please be advised that this Office intends to file a motion to strike your Interrogatory and Request for Production of Documents, dated January 29, 2008. The motion will argue that the discovery requests are not relevant to your RSA chapter 91-A equity petition and cannot be expected to lead to relevant evidence.

In accordance with Superior Court Rule 36-A, please let me know if you consent to this motion to strike.

James W. Kennedy
Assistant Attorney General
N.H. Attorney General’s Office
33 Capitol Street
Concord, NH 03301
603) 271-3658

Anonymous said...

yeah Chris, he told you.
why would you think investigatory info regarding ballistics, trajectory, condition of weapons, consistency of fact in interviews, bulletholes and expended cartridges or anything like that would be needed in a double homicide investigation?
I mean really, what planet are you on man?

Ayottes water boy talking nonsense; the coverup continues to tell more and more of the story, on the record.

you must expect they will refuse and delay every single request, like a rogue insurance company.

When they are forced to release some little thing, they will intenionally withold, send wrong stuff, send broken stuff that won't play; etc...
so far each of their documents of refusal have called ten times more attention to the issue at hand, so no go Kelly.

That's just part of the auto distract and delay unit.
Kennedy ruins his own young career starting being bucket boy for a wingnut proponent of Vigilante Justice and evidence tampering politico, who has publically disgraced herself. As Sharon said while being interviewed in Ayotte's office: 'it's not over'

Anonymous said...

Love the reversal of the "It's not over" comment.

It's like the "Oh Yeeaah" comment.

Turn it around and upside down.

We will rock you.

Christopher King said...


I am loathe to predict outcomes before a pending Judge and have not done so about anything in this case.

I will volunteer this, however:

I don't think the AG's Motion will be well-received.


Christopher King said...

If I were Kennedy I would resign my post. I saw enough nonsense at the AG's office in Ohio that made me want to leave, and that stuff pales in comparison to this stuff.

So when I left, I took the next 4 years (5 in total) defeating them in the Michael Isreal police abuse case.

Here's the Crime Victims V1996-61481 docket

I would say that time is not of the essence, but time IS of the essence, you got AJ Boisvert and many others out there in Easton, Sugar Hill and Franconia rightfully terrified of Gregory W. Floyd, whom I believe lied when he said that Ms. Boisvert had a gun on her in his Permanent Restraining Order hearing.

Which he lost.

And of course, I believe he lied about what Liko was doing and not doing as well.

This is pretty heady stuff, folks, and Kelly knows it. Her career can be broken on this case, but I'm not budging one bit, going to drive the lane and take it straight to the hole.


Christopher King said...

I mean, honestly, the information I'm seeking is the essence of what the investigation was supposed to be about in the FIRST PLACE.

When I receive their Motion I'll probably just print a copy of this blog post and attach it to my Memorandum Contra; ship it over to Judge Vaughn, pronto. When you get really good at it, sometimes you can even get your pleading to Court before theirs gets filed if you overnight your response.

They are living on borrowed time with this nonsense.

Anonymous said...

Part of a recurring pattern, the claim by the state that the line of inquiry lacks relevance to the matter before the court. As you call out, one request for a broader line of inquiry has already been denied. Herein is the challenge, the defining test for your seasoned lawyer skills, i.e., using the RSA equity claim to open up the core set of facts in the case in which you have no standing. good luck. If anyone can do it, why not you!

Christopher King said...


Oh, yah, no way can the State argue with a straight face that the sought information -- either in RSA 91-A or in an Interrogatory request -- is not a matter of public record or concern.

I'll take that to the U.S. Supreme Court if I have to.

Making history one blog post and one RSA 91-A lawsuit at a time.