25 February 2008

KingCast sees Franconia stuck on stupid on Warrant Article 2 and still inviting Civil liability as they did by ignoring complaints about Bruce McKay.

Okay. Many years ago, and well before the Franconia shooting tragedy that left Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay dead and 3-time felon Gregory Floyd on the loose to terrorize his neighbors, "Ms. B" warned Franconia about liability after McKay terrorized her with a knife near her labia, without just cause.

But the beat goes on as Franconia Selectman candidate Jeffery Jesseman sets to the "Good, the Bad and the Ugly" in today's blog post at his website. The issue is that the town is ignoring Primex Insurance's warnings that they are subject to liability for not having appropriate life squad personnel on an ambulance transport. Writes Jesseman:
Carleen [Quinn] introduced documentation from Primex that stated the town would not be covered by liability insurance under circumstances where state law was being broken by the Life Squad during ambulance transport. Both Carl and Rich recognized this and agreed, there was a liability issue. So far so good I thought, the light has come on.

But the light was quickly dimmed. Selectman Carl Belz then said they should "instruct" the Life Squad not to do transports without 2 EMT's. But of course that's already that law. So Candidate Jesseman then writes:
As Carleen unsuccessfully tried to point out, the Life Squad already has these instructions in the form of a state law that comes with penalties of up to $1000 per instance and the possible loss of their transport license. The threat of the state's penalties didn't deter the Life Squad from breaking this law in the past.

What a ridiculous set of circumstances for the people in Franconia to live under. I sincerely hope that people take a look at things out there and pull that lever, or push that chad for Jeffery Jesseman next month. I think he knew right then and there as pictured at last month's FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know hearing as we spoke with Sugar Hill's "Careful Son I'm Quickr'n'you" Phil Blanchard that he had to make a difference in Franconia and New Hampshire life and politics, and I respect him immensely for so doing.

Meanwhile NH AG Kelly Ayotte lied to me about the AG's office being on notice of Ms. B's Complaint. It doesn't get any dirtier than that.

Namaste, my brother.

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Anonymous said...

Check the Department of Safety, Bureau of EMS web site. It's licensing brochure states:

"Are there any requirements for the
number of licensed Providers
needed to legally transport a
Yes. There must be TWO licensed Providers to legally
transport a patient in NH. The Apprentice
Level license is NOT considered as one of the TWO
licensed Providers required to transport a patient
in an emergency medical services vehicle. Additionally,
at least one of the transporting Providers
must be licensed as an EMT-Basic (or higher)."