14 February 2008

KingCast scoops Union Leader on Judge Robert Somma's DUI arrest: What a drag it is getting busted.

Well here's the story of how U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Robert Somma got popped for DUI in Manchester, NH last week, pleaded Guilty.

The back story, however, is a bit more fun according to KingCast sources. His wife said,
"I suspect that he will not be interested in talking to anyone fromthe newspaper."

If I were a Federal Judge, dressed in drag and busted for DUI I probably wouldn't have much to say, either. You just gotta' laugh at it. Doesn't have one wit to do with his competence on the bench, but it is kinda' funny. And it's the #1 story on BostonNow.

Now the other scoop we've got on the Union Leader is the upper hand in pending litigation to be filed tomorrow to uncover the IP address of some tool who misappropriated Brian Jesseman's likeness and portrayed him in a False Light to be a supporter of HB 1428 "Bruce McKay Highway."

Scandal. Intrigue. KingCast.

PS: Told you I scooped the Union Leader -- A day later they ran this story. Excerpt in comments;and here's the terse-est resignation letter I've ever seen. Again, I think he should have stood tall and told everyone to go to hell but I guess at 63 he didn't feel like fighting that battle. Then too, with a docket like this, I might bail too.


Christopher King said...

Some people read fiction novels and stuff to escape reality; get some kicks. I don't need to escape anything for my kicks, I just roll out of bed every morning =^.)

Christopher King said...

I got proof that other Judges have DUI related issues too, and while that's important, it's not as important as the Franconia case, which does not generate nearly as many hits on my blawg as did this story.

Life is fascinating in all of its nuances.

Anyway, here's Judge Resnick, who hated me:


Can't pull up anything on Judge Holschuh (Federal Ohio) but shortly after his wife died he crashed into something while drunk near his house and drove home. Fact.

Christopher King said...

Arrested judge wore dress, women's hosiery

New Hampshire Union Leader Staff
15 hours, 7 minutes ago

MANCHESTER – A Boston-based federal judge wore a black cocktail dress, fish-net stockings and high heels when police arrested him for drunk driving after he rear-ended a pickup truck last week, sources said.....

Two sources confirmed Somma was wearing a cocktail dress, women's hose and high heels when his Mercedes-Benz E320 sedan struck a pickup truck stopped at a red light on Elm Street about 11:29 p.m. on Feb. 6.

"He told police his wife was out of town ... so he decided to come up to Manchester where no one would know him," said a city government official speaking on condition of anonymity. The official said he was told of the incident by a top police administrator during a briefing session.

Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar from a friend of mine:

See, I LOVE a federal judge in drag. I find that entirely delightful and there should be more of them! I just want him to take a taxi home when he's trashed, poor dear.

....to which I wrote

Let's have more Judicial vaudeville acts I say.

A word about perspective:


Christopher King said...

Feb 15 2008
4 uscourts.gov
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USA www.bostonnow.com

Anonymous said...

I couldn't care less what the judge was wearing. The only thing I care about is how this - or any judge - discharges his duties on the bench. There are a lot of third-rate, burned out, angry judges on the federal bench. Apparently your area lost one of the good guys. Isn't that what really matters?

Christopher King said...


So now I'm to blame for his resignation?


Or are you saying that the UL only published the story because I did?

Funny on ALL of the radio stations they all spoke about the Union Leader.

And I have been vociferously clear that his resignation was in my book, unwarranted. He should have told folks to go to hell, as I have when confronted even with a 7 year indictment that was bull----t.

While you're railing against unfair things, take a moment to consider this:


Also, while Judge Somma's perceived forced retirement is unfortunately and tragic in some ways, the nature of the charges against me as former NAACP Legal Chair were wholly without merit.

Indeed the conduct complained of -- writing a Demand Letter and "threatening" a press conference about WillieToney -- who faced 3 drawn police guns and a body cavity search for LOITERING (which he beat) does not constitute a crime. Read the Union Leader response though:


And at the time I did it, the relevant statute even permitted non-attorneys and people of Good Moral Standing to represent others in Court. I'm a licensed Notary Public, ipso facto a person of Good Moral Standing. But NH AG Kelly Ayotte tried to get me with an ex post facto application of the law, and I document that right here mit der Statutes:


Now that's the last thing I'm going to post here for a while, but THAT's a tragedy of the U.S. Justice system, indicting someone for vigorous Civil Rights activism.

KingCast: Just keepin' it Real.

Christopher King said...


What I posted on BostonNOW:

Seriously people, I cannot believe that out of all the posts I've set forth about real issues that are not funny in the least, this is The One that leads most popular.

Tomorrow I'm posting about a very serious Civil Rights issue facing an International artist and Civil Rights activist who helped liberate the Czech Republic and on Friday I'll be covering an event about him and the funky circumstances that led to him facing charges for protesting predatory lending practices.

Perhaps if you can see I was accurate about this fact, you know I might actually be accurate about stuff that really matters.

dave palmer said...

If you want a couple of giggles about Judge Somma (aka, Judicial Drag Queen), go to www.noethics.net, under "Dawg's Bone Yard."

Dave Palmer
Folsom, California

Christopher King said...

Dave thanks a lot, more so for the link to Judge Moyer and Sweeney who suspended me for unethical activity.

Anonymous said...

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