18 February 2008

KingCast says the weight of the evidence shows that NH AAG Nancy Smith was wrong on RSA 91-A Right-to-Know on prior occasion in the same courthouse...

The NH Supreme Court held that she and Attorney Mullen led Judge Vaughn astray in Fred Murray v. NH State Police, 154 N.H. 579, 913 A.2d 737 (2006) extra extra read all about it. Now in the KingCast v. Ayotte et al. case regarding their bogus and totally rigged "investigation" of the Franconia shooting tragedy they won't even provide crucial fingerprint evidence pertaining to Gregory W. Floyd. This stance they take even after Trooper Cooper specifically told Floyd it was crucial to discover how Liko's gun wound up locked and loaded after Floyd had it, as it was jammed when Liko had it..... that is to say when 3-time felon Gregory Floyd executed him. Murdered him, in my opinion.

Here's the law on that fingerprint issue. One and Two, citing Piper v. United States DOJ, 294 F. Supp. 2d 16 (2003). Wake up, people. This is real. This is happening. Your old Rules and your old hegemonic ways just don't cut it anymore. You've been KingCasted.


Christopher King said...

Look at Attorney Kennedy, enjoying a nightmare with his 'eyes wide shut.' I told that brother a long time ago he should quit while he's behind.

What does it feel like, I wonder, to sell one's soul for The Man?

I won't wonder too long, and I'll never know.

Anonymous said...

whatever happened to Lakes Region Greyhound Park, Belmont gaming and organized crime audit in '06?

Christopher King said...

Are you going to give me yet more homework?

Well this is the last I could find on the NH audit specifically, you can call the number on this press release from GREY2KUSA (Corey Theil 866.247.3925) and ask them whatever happened.

But this is a wonderful global resource on Greyhound racing.


But take time to look at the Bush Pardons, and note that Gov. Shaheen was all buddy-buddy with a lawyer/criminal involved in the whole thing, Michael McLaughlin. Read below to see how he sailed right through this whole thing unfettered despite his history of being convicted for mail fraud. Heh, perhaps Kelly was too busy getting ready to come after me for Unauthorized Practice of Law for writing a Demand Letter when I was NAACP legal chair (I beat her, case dismissed) around the same time she gave McLaughlin a pass....

Anyway, remember, Shaheen-Gordon is now representing that 3 time felon Gregory W. Floyd.....

"One of the pardoned men was politically connected. Michael McLaughlin of Bedford, who was sentenced in August 1983, served 19 months in prison for conspiracy to commit mail fraud, a crime he admitted committing in connection with a real-estate scandal. McLaughlin, a lawyer and a partner in the Capitol Insights lobbying group, had filed a pardon petition in 2000. He said he had no idea how it "got to the top of the pile."

He had some help. According to a spokesman for the Justice Department, former Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, state Sen. Peter Burling, D-Cornish, and the now-retired federal sentencing judge, Martin F. Loughlin, were listed as character witnesses on the pardon petition.

Also, an interesting note: because he had been disbarred as a result of the conviction, in 1995 he successfully applied for re-admission to the bar. Former state Republican Party Chairman John Stabile, a builder in Nashua, hired him to be general manager of the Passaconaway Country Club in Litchfield. Stabile was part-owner. Earlier this year, the owners of the Lakes Region Greyhound Park, a client of the Capitol Insights lobbying group, gave up their racing license, decided to shut down and sell the track.

Attorney General Kelly Ayotte reported that greyhound track executives and employees operated an illegal gambling operation out of the track through a limited liability corporation called International Players Association. McLaughlin was listed on state documents as the registered agent for IPA. Ayotte's report came after two IPA executives who were also Lakes Region Greyhound executives were indicted on illegal gambling conspiracy charges in a web that also allegedly included organized crime figures. But McLaughlin was not accused of any wrongdoing. McLaughlin said he and Capitol Insights partner Rick Newman continue to represent Lakes Region Greyhound general partner Allan Hart, who is selling the track to a group headed by Laconia developer David Johnston."

Anonymous said...

Dan Morrissey worked at the Grayhound track in Seabrook.

Dan Morrissey also was the producer of the The free publication called the NH guide.

He offered to sell me the NH Guide business. I should have bought it.