16 February 2008

KingCast says Judge Vaughn has the whole World of North Country in his hands... may he open them up to let the rays of Truth shine in.


Christopher King said...

Been waiting for months to put up a non-text post. I couldn't find a better picture than this. I couldn't find a better time than this.

Christopher King said...

Related song:

Cherylann Hawk's "Rays that Shine."

Beautiful woman, beautiful song.

Christopher King said...

More related songs from the Minutemen:

Corona (acoustic), waaaay before "Jackass."

This ain't no picnic.

And one for Bruce McKay:

Little Man with a Gun in his hand.

D. Boon awesome on guitar, as always. Glad I got to meet these guys 23 years ago. RIP Man.

Anonymous said...

hey i found your blog and its an interesting legal blog at that. I didnt look hard enough in the archives to answer this question so please do it for me. If you sign your pleadings, JD but not Esq, does that mean you have a law degree but havent been barred into your jurisdiction?

Anonymous said...

Union Leader 2/17

We said it could happen and it has. Rep. Martha McLeod lost her post as vice chairman of a House Finance subcommittee after she challenged Democratic leadership over a move to memorialize Franconia Police Cpl. Bruce McKay.

She asked for a mile-long stretch of Interstate 93 in Franconia Notch, or Route 18 nearby, to be named for McKay. She got neither, and was bumped, as happens when people in leadership posts take on the powers above.

Anonymous said...

Martha proves herself ineffectual, and stubbornly on her own sick & selfish agenda. She gets 'bumped,' (FIRED) from a position of power in the state legislature. How appropriate.

She does not represent the people who voted for her and has been overtly duplicitious and has been caught and properly bumped.
Lost her peachy parking spot too I imagine.

She is an unfortunate embarassment to the people in the towns she represents.

The legislature does not take her seriously, and with mighty good reason. And they never will again. She needs to be removed from legislative body altogether.

It would be good if the local citizens impeached her or had her recalled. I would doubt she'd be a viable candidate for ANYTHING in this state ever again. She's be a danger on a local committee, never mind a position of power in Concord. She has none in Concord where it counts, and she THOROUGHLY EARNED THAT DISRESPECT with ugly lies and sneak-thief technique.

Her husband, "rich," on the Franconia selectboard is a major roadblock for truth and freedom of information, and continues with an elaborate and disgusting cover-up of the facts.

It's good to see her recognized by Congress as an ineffectual fake, and a determined flake.

A major defeat for her, and also Ayotte. It was only a matter of time that she crashed and burned, such was her high level of intentional deceit and selfish personal agenda.

There's much more dirt on her than the removal of her power in Concord, but this is a grand start.

Anonymous said...

ba ba ba BOOYAH!

Anonymous said...

After Reading the 'lost post' in the UL context, it should be noted that she never tried to 'take on the powers above.' That was her; the powers above were defeated. Not the other way around. Go House! Good job defeating hubris.

Christopher King said...


Case Western School of Law 1993.
Clerked for Terry Gilbert and Ohio AG during school, then 2+ more years with AG after school, then private practice employment and Civil Rights.

Suspended many years ago (2002) for one year and actually stopped practicing in 2000 I was so burnt out on the BS.

The back story is here, and here, about the landlord whom I verified through third parties that called my client a "nigger lover" for dating a black man.

Will be moving to get the license back later this year.

Others: Will be reviewing your posts and comment soon.


Christopher King said...


Here is the link.

I too am curious about the UL spin. She was aligned with the "Powers above" including Governor Lynch and NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the State Police Chief, etc. etc.... it was the little people, speaking through their Representatives, who gave her the heave-ho.

Look for a post on this Sunday evening after I complete a reminder about the Fourth Amendment violations in Fox Hill Park that were the predicate for all of this mess.


Christopher King said...

Here's the Fourth Amendment Post.


In Ohio State v. Sansalone, 71 Ohio App.3d 284 (1991) it is indeed lawful to resist an unlawful arrest; how do I know that because I know the successful Appellant. Let me be clear:

Bruce McKay had absolutely no legal basis to seize Liko Kenney but he did so, and naturally Liko was upset.