04 February 2008

KingCast says hater cops in my home state are at it again with an Unconstitutional body cavity search in Stark County.

Yes folks, here it is. Strip search the victim, with male officers, then leave her naked for 6 hours with no blanket. And IIRC that murderous cop Bobby Cutts was from the area, so that all kind of fits together, nice package. This one will be interesting. Here in NH they body cavity searched a black guy named Willie Toney, and put three guns in his face --for loitering -- and nobody cared, not even the NAACP, when I was their Legal Chair. All kinds of video about that case at KingCast.net


Anonymous said...

Gosh darlin' thanks for the linkie. It's important to get the stories out there otherwise these offenders (police officers) can move from town to town with impunity.

The world has gotten smaller and I'm here to say that one pissed off housewife can get the word out.


Christopher King said...

Yep, that's what it's all about, using the Internet for things the government hates.

Here's our housewife being abused in Dalton, NH.

They ain't got no dirt on her, so they can't play that role as they tried to with Liko, obscuring all the relevant facts by smearing his background and ignoring that of the other players.

Anonymous said...

I won't be spending anymore tourist money at Mount Washington Hotel....too bad lots of friends made over the years there. Darn good breakfast at the Arms, same folks worked there for years.
I wouldn't feel safe driving through NH.