27 February 2008

KingCast says the Franconia shooting tragedy is all about family, but most significantly about fathers, sons and government.

Well folks this post will be one in the making for a while, but it is the REAL. And no one else has ever posted it as I'm about to. Watch this space.

Think about what each of the parents pictured here have accomplished. Most of them have raised families without police chiefs worried about automatic weapons and all of that. Some have not reached those accomplishments, so they tell Sam Stephenson and NH AG Kelly Ayotte's posse that they fought in Vietnam, then they play games with Liko Kenney's gun, lie in an investigation and subsequently create imminent fear of bodilly harm to their neighbors, resulting in a Permanent Restraining Order and an obvious violation of a standing 10-year Order of Good Behaviour. Links to follow.

Liko Kenney I got your back, bro.'

Meanwhile, Brian Jesseman's father Jeffery Jesseman is working with responsible people in the community like Carleen Quinn and Mark Lindberg to try to craft something positive out of the deaths of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay, but getting met with certain 'built-in headwinds,' as Thurgood Marshall would say.

Meanwhile, Brian and I filed Case no. 08-E-093 in Hillsborough South to see who misappropriated his likeness in the Union Leader, and put him in a False Light Invasion of Privacy, claiming he actually supported HB 1428.

Peace, Aloha Namaste.


Christopher King said...

Liko and I liked to check things out, always inquisitive.

Gregory W. Floyd said to hell with all of that, he just killed 43 people.

That's what he told NH AG Kelly Ayotte.

But when I asked her she had no responsive records to my request for more information on whether these 43 kills were on taxpayer nickel, or dollar, whatever.

Yah, it's all about whatever in North Country.

For a few more days, that is.


Vote Jesseman, whose son Brian was almost victimized, but who instead is now bringing with KingCast, rockin' strong litigation against the Union Leader for Internet Fraud.

What a life, what a World.

Thanks, Mom and Dad.


Christopher King said...

See, the Jesseman family goes way back, and with Jeffery running for Selectman, it brings me right back to riding my skateboard delivering my father's precinct committeeman flyers.

Apple doesn't fall far from the tree. My father (and of course my mother as well) helped bring out neighbors as friends in a very incendiary time period in Cleveland Heights, we were involved in Heights Community Congress v. Hilltop Realty, blah blah blah U.S. Supreme Court Civil Rights case, whatever, no big deal.

Except that it was a Big Deal.

Still is.

More on this later.

Anonymous said...

"Franconia shooting tragedy is all about family, but most significantly about fathers, sons and government."

What I see here is about NH politics. Real bad/

The NH government is like West Virgina in it's mentality.

They do not want the sovereign people to make a living.

The State of NH has done nothing in the last decade to promote economic

They rely on tourism and the people who buy lake front homes.

This is old idea waiting for disaster!

Mr Lynch. Get off your ass and make sure that the Canadians don't invade your State.

We the People from Ma, or where ever, have supported your state too long.

What the hell is going on here.

When was the last time Governor Lynch Influenced and Technology Plant in NH..

Are we saying that China is Better than New Hampshire.?

The wages in New Hampshire make it seem that China Makes more Money