07 February 2008

KingCast says "every picture tells a story, baby," and the story is Franconia and NH AG Kelly Ayotte are in Big Trouble in the Franconia shooting.

I told you back on 10 Jan 2008 blogging from the Dutch Treat that I was cool, calm and collected. That's only half of the story -- I was waiting for my film maker (who is involved in perhaps a half-dozen other intense matters right now) to cut a few more stills because as Rod Stewart said (when he still rocked, seen here with Ronnie Wood!) "Every Picture Tells a Story, Baby."

Now we've got NH AG Kelly Ayoote and her minions all caught up like deer in the headlights over the request for that ballistics and fingerprint information. I refrain from second-guessing the Court, but I can safely say on this one that they're destined to lose, and the General Public is destined to win on RSA 91-A and FOIA. The Nashua Telegraph concurs.

How does Kelly Ayotte spell agony? K-I-N-G-C-A-S-T.

Here's their 'Hero' Bruce McKay in action OC Spraying Sarah, and here's their 'Hero' Gregory Floyd all caught up getting a Permanent Restraining Order against him for threatening yet more gun play, this time against his neighbor.

Try Gregory W. Floyd for Murder:



Christopher King said...

I hear you Liko.

The government hears you now, too.

Rest in Peace, brother.


Christopher King said...

Dear Kelly et al:

This case is our legacy, most likely the biggest moment of our professional careers.

With that I am fully comfortable.

You clearly are not.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kelly! just watched Norman terrorize Sarah.

Fuck You. Thanks for the cover up. I can't speak for the other state reps, but I bet they'd have some choice words too.

If only you were her, maybe you'd get it. Governor Lynch... shame on you.

help her, she was crying for Help!

so hard to watch-

lucidiocy said...


You're my hero.


Christopher King said...


Hmmm..... I'll have to check with the girly to see if you can be the New Muse =^.)

Inside joke for the oldies.

Meanwhile, I just got a copy of Gregory Floyd's rap sheet, and believe me he ain't NOBODY'S HERO.

I'll post it in a few minutes.


Anonymous said...

Thank-you Chris. would that you were king, oops you are one. kick ass KingCast-- a gift to our first amendment for its intended purpose. Your award was well earned, you've done our constitution and our country a favor.