01 February 2008

KingCast salutes Barack Obama and a coupla' white guys -- Robert Taylor and Jeffery Jesseman for Black History Month.

This is the Barack Obama post (and yesterday's NPR story on his candidacy), but black history isn't just black history, it's our history, as I told NH AG Kelly Ayotte in this post. And to the extent that this black man is involved with these white men who stand for something good for the benefit of society, that's what it's all about.

On a related note, dig the Franconia Court Hearings on audio, video soon to follow, and then a movie to follow that.

Robert Taylor was a man who overcame the demons of drug addiction to become a valuable and trusted member of Gloucester, Mass society before he perished in the Lorraine, an uninspected building at 80 Middle Street. Read today's Richard Gaines Gloucester Times coverage of Taylor's Law proposal, making it a crime not to inform lessee/tenants of outstanding code violations when presenting a Lease.

Jeffery Jesseman, pictured at the KingCast v. Ayotte/Franconia RSA 91-A/FOIA hearing next to Sugar Hill Officer Phillip Blanchard and me, is a man who longs for transparent and responsive government, as noted by the distinguished Senator from Illinois. You've listened and read about Barack, now read about the local level -- Mr. Jesseman's soon-to-be successful campaign to win a seat as Franconia selectman in the comments and here at Scribd.com.



Christopher King said...

Over the past nine months it has become increasingly apparent to me that Franconia’s leadership has isolated itself from the desires of the people. Many of us now feel disenfranchised, and believe that our voices have not and will not be heard. Today I am announcing my candidacy for Selectman in a bid to change that and to set Franconia on a new course.

A course in which Franconia’s government will be open and transparent, a course in which each citizen feels comfortable voicing their desires and concerns. One of our Country’s founding fathers Wendell Phillips, Esq. said that “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty,” however I honestly believe that by creating a government that is truly transparent and responsive to the people there will be much less need for us to feel as if we have to live under that motto each and every day.

Having lived in Franconia most my life and having raised a family here, I know there is much to be proud of in our community, in our people and our fundamental principles. There are many positives to build on, however, the standing issues that came to a head in the past year have shaken the citizens and divided the community to the point that we need real healing.

The only way to heal Franconia is through openness and truth, so that we can all understand what went wrong and know that good can be made of it allowing us to move forward. Pretending issues don’t exist and preserving the status quo won’t fix what is wrong. Listening to the people, recognizing our failures and taking corrective action will.

Some of our legislators have reached out statewide to other legislators to help fix things that we as locals can best help address. Now that the media and legal actions have brought many of the important issues to light, we need people with a vested interest in Franconia to help repair the community.

My family goes back more than 200 years. We continue to run a family business and my wife Theresa and I have raised a family here, and we still have a child in our school system, so we have a mutual respect for the past, present and for our future.

Lastly, I’ve been an information technology specialist for 25 years, providing me with the skills necessary to work with others in crafting a government that is truly accessible to the people. Toward that goal, I have created an email address which I encourage you to use as a means of communicating with me.

It is:


Please read some of my goals for the community on the following pages. I look forward to community input on these ideas or any subject you feel is important to Franconia’s future direction. Together we can make a difference.

Goal: Encourage participation in community affairs.

Currently there is little effort on the part of the Board of Selectmen to publish upcoming meeting agendas or publish meeting minutes. While it is true that this information is available when requested, I believe a more proactive approach by the Board would encourage dialog within the community. I am in favor of the following:

· Posting online and in papers agendas of upcoming public meetings

· Posting minutes of all public meetings on line

· Changing the Board meeting hours to a weekday evening

Goal: Put trust back in the community/police relationship.

Based upon a community survey, the Franconia Area Recovery and Reconciliation Committee recommended to the Board in July the following regarding police services:

“We recommend the Select Board commit to a process that examines its hiring, training, and accountability practices. We recommend that the public be involved in this review, and that one of the outcomes be some kind of regular meeting between citizens and police to discuss their concerns – either citizen concerns about policing or police concerns about the community.”

I whole-heartedly endorsed this recommendation and even volunteered my services toward making this a reality. To date, nothing of substance has taken effect; therefore I am in favor of the following:

· Establishing a Citizen Review Board and/or policies that ensure complaints are listened to and not ignored. Each citizen should feel safe in coming forward and have faith that their concern will be documented, investigated, and followed up on in a timely manner. Each officer should view this as a constructive medium to resolve complaints, not a witch hunt. A dispute mediation and resolution mechanism should exist so both sides understand the outcome of any complaint investigation. This board will be established for fairness to all parties so unfounded rumors do not start and legitimate problems are corrected before they become bigger issues.

· Give the police the infrastructure and space to adequately perform their job. We have given them the tools to “protect” but not to “serve”. I believe administrative support and tools should be provided so that information can be filed appropriately and retrieved easily. There is no excuse for missing or incomplete files. If we want professional results, we must provide the means to that end.

· Establish a program where the police can educate the citizens on what the job entails; perhaps reach out to the elementary school and provide informational seminars to the public. This is in keeping with the Reconciliation Committee’s recommendations regarding “Youth and Community Values” and “Law Enforcement and Youth”.

· Review hiring/pay practices of full time officers. Let's set the standard so that the most qualified candidates will want to apply. I would like to see Franconia on the forefront of what an ideal small town police department should be. It’s not just about laws and law enforcement, it’s about community awareness and values too.

Anonymous said...

I am voting for barack becouse he talks alot of since about education, values of the country, the standardized test.

How did cocaine get involved in some back in the day ? was it becouse of stress or lack of awareness of there lives ? or of non awareness of the drugs effectiveness ?

A illusion to some i beleave but, a puzzle to some. A reaction to the soloution to the problem comes from the mind of the many but, who wonts to know the truth to the soloution to the problem ? In history African American and European American wonted to make changes, like you said on your information and some did help for African American rights.

justice a chocies to the matter of chose the away to get to justice. To follow rapidly to seek justice, to seek for the truth of the matter. The great story of the past tense story, that i think some have forgotten of some European American and African American learning and teaching for equal rights, civil rights, to get freedom and stop discrimination.

Christopher King said...

Well you know, funny you should mention cocaine. You mean, like Llello, snow, powder, white girl, teenager, bolivian marching powder, and all that stuff that people like Dubya' -- and Barack did at some point.

Funny I'm not aware of Barack crashing a car or driving one into a garage out of anger, but whatever. My film maker did spend an evening next to his entourage at the Sweet Life and he said that was cool.

Anyway the point is that Bill Shaheen, a name partner with the folks who are defending 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd (Criminal Threats trial), started all of that talk about Barack, then stepped down from his post as a Clinton manager.

A sacrificial lamb.

Anonymous said...

The youth needs to understain history of drugs, and history of European American rights and African American rights, civil rights and how it effects us today, the youth need to also understain that we need to learn history of European American and African American history. The youth needs to understain we have to be able to have freedom of the correct educational proformance for us and justice for us and also the youth needs to understain that we need to be able to be lawers for rights, teachers of justices.

The youth gets very confuse some times on who first came to the usa it was African American and European American this is what i research a little bit my self. The turning point is that African American and European American might had came the same time to America i dont know if it is all out there in history for people to read right in the library books in who first came to American might had been both African American, European American, might came the same time to America.

Talk about black history (African American history) we need to be able to teach youth, that we care about each other as human beings both European American and African American and stop all of this races confusion that some are putting down to confuse races both African American and European American if you are good, you are surly good no matter of the color, fakes and liers like to start confusion of if your color is this or that = (this is what you get and if your color is this) (this what you don't get if you color is this) that is not any thing but, confusion a illusion to try take away the normal way of doing right for races (human beings), equal and justice from educational proformance from race. Basic right of correction needs to be apply stop bias iq test that i think later on is going to be in African American history and European history (black history and white history if you like to call it that).


Christopher King said...


You're cooking with gas, brother.

Thank you for the inspiration.

We will find a way to address what appears to me to be a gross abuse and misclassification of you in the Hampton Roads school system, ironically where I lived 8 years ago.

Peace, Aloha, Namaste.

Anonymous said...

Chris when are you plain on coming to Hampton Virginia ? Maybe in the summer time to vist ? but, if not i will just get my educational proformance on a higher level with God help, becouse on justice i will learn to prove my self as a person born as a child to a man. In history, people need to also understain to learn about God and understain who God is i read the Bible myself some times chris.

Are you gona to be able to come down around my place if you are able to get down to Hampton Virginia to vist ?

Protecting the rights that i have as a person, and learning the truth will get me educated in self learning of my strength. The history has to be learn, from the past and present.

Chris have you read that book i told you to get ?


Christopher King said...

Brian you're such a beautiful presence to me. I was just getting ready to send you an email about the Spaulding folks.

Let's start there.

I say it right here in public we're going after the people whom I believe treated you unfairly.

Just give me some time, I know you see I'm busy, but I'll be there for you my brother.

Peace, Love, Aloha, Namaste.

Anonymous said...

ok chris think you.

Improvment needs to be encourage that we need to be able to have justice.

Justice in the trust for the truth. These days we need to be able to have justice after all good people in history won to have civil rights. And equal rights so its up to us to give justice equal.

I tell ya that justice is justice principle of justice is justice later on hopefully principle will bring us together as equal for justice. A basic truth for principle of justice lets us learn that right is right and wrong is wrong. A ovation when justice comes to all will make me happy to say justice and freedom has all ways been good as long as justice is there and equal rights is there.

Anonymous said...

Spaulding folks is for children that don't have a house to stay in right ? and for children that are in special education that are need for a adoption is that right ? Thats very diffrent from me. I am capable to know the truth as i read, see, learn, teach, walk, talk, breath, i have that knowledge from God.

Have you ever read the Holy Bible ? have you every read on the Holy Bible the The Book of Job ? i think you need to read The Book of Job chris and read The Revelation of Jesus Christ on the Holy Bible.

Christopher King said...


I am hoping that Spaulding can help get us to someone who can help.

Yes I need to read the Book of Job.



Anonymous said...

Who are these white guys and how was they raised up Chris and why do you salute them ? Are these white guys determined to wont all people to be equal and have equal rights in the usa ? and will these white guys talk about bias iq test on African American Chris ?

Capable to understain the facts of about truth. The times of the issues of today gives me a wise answer who gets the justice ? Will Barack Obama become a president and if so will he make sure civil rights are here for all ? i think obama is the right guy to become president about educational rights, discent paying jobs, and i think his wife is very intelligent how she talk about discent living.

Anonymous said...

Soloution in history is that many who are about justice gave justice becouse they was to be starters of great independence for others to see they can be independent too a great soloution to the problem is justice for all. If you just think about the great history, of the people who just stand up for equal rights every time for African American rights and European rights i think that makes a man of justice feel happy and a lady of justice feel happy of just to see that great grace of independence for all justice, equal.
A man that can understain improtants of equal is a great man of like a leader becouse he think of him self and others. A great story to me, is of a man or a lady that support a educational proformance of equal relations of justice. A important action for the matter of history, i am so glad that good people was able to bring in civil rights good European American and African American in history becouse i know it is a illusion to think just becouse your color you are a bad person, which that is not true, becouse no matter of the color if you are a good, you are surly good.
In some times in history is that about Leaders is that if a person, can know right is right and wrong is wrong and act on the truth of the matter no matter of what color you are if you know it is wrong i beleave a leader of justice would help for equal rights no matter of the color if you see some thing wrong you would try to stop thats what i beleave in what leaders should be, and what leaders was in history. The illusion back in history was color, if your color was that of African American you could not get equal rights of educational proformance intill smart, good, great, African American, European American help explain it should not matter of a Man color or Lady color it should matter if you are a good you are surly good.

The important information of the matter of justice, is right is right and wrong is wrong justice should be justice equal righs, equal test, and equal love.

Christopher King said...

You got that right, Brian, damn you rock.

Meanwhile, take 6 minutes to recall what Television means far too often.

Day off tomorrow, email me brother.


Anonymous said...

But ok i did send you a email thoe ? looken at your email when you get the time ok. When you wont me to call you or when come to virginia tell me ok ?

T.V shows hmm....... i seen that movie traning day, about that movie about the cop and about how he had tryed to con the other cop i have the movie. What i liked about the movie is the realness.

I had also listen, to the director on the commentary he talks about how the corrupted, cop started to try to perceive the ok or good cop to do wrong and intill the end of the movie he got home thoe that was great that he got home.

And on commentary saying, that how corrupted cop looks some thing like meeting the devil but, the devil, again the devil is not gonna come at you with horns he is gona perceive you on your certain wont like if you wont like money, but the good cop did not get trick by that good. You seen that movie befor right ? training day right ? you got the movie ? You seen how the bad cop was joking at the good cop wow he looked very evil.

I guess the Good Cop had God with him.

How do you feel about 2pac, did he make any changes in history you think ?

Anonymous said...

In 1927 African American public schools started did you know that chris ?

('_') Hmm....... Then when was slavery stop for African American ? And when did civil rights get started did it get started with malcom x and martin luther king and others or not did they help for improvement for equal rights ? or which really help ? or what did they do ? Elija Muhammad, W.E.B Dubois, Henry Delany, i heard about Elija Muhammad some people in history use to give money to him i heard but, why did they give him money ?

Anonymous said...

Let me tell a story.

There was a very smart person, that had a mind of intelligent person, which he was that intelligent person. That had started with a mind for the truth. The lesson he teach was about justice and he talk about improvement of rights for equal rights.
As he was born as a child but, had always had a mind for the truth since he was young, he knew that he had a right to have justice. The proud child knew the time will come when justice rings a bell in the ear, but he also knew it takes grace, intelligent, True And Faithfull people of justice to bring justice to the table.
He read he learned and he was a lawer of justice and a teacher of rights. He knew he was a child of good born as a child.

Anonymous said...

You know what i should be a lawer of justice and a teacher of rights. In history, a story comes by often about postive and nagative, and i am postive open to know the truth.

Teacher of justice : To teach history, to let it be known what happen in history postive and negative to teach history facts not lies and to bring justice to the table.

Lawer of justice : To be able to have justice, to be able to speak the truth and bring justice to the table. To have educational performance for justice.

My concern about history is that, while we are learning about postive or negative are we gona be able to improve equal rights of education ? iq test bias means not equal rights for education for African American ? hmm ?

Educational Performance : The answers of qustion appear to be Educational Performance. The qustion is Educational Performance, i will get my Educational Performance right (Postive). To understain educational performance is to understain what is educational performance ? A postive educational performance is a postive accomplishhment to learn right.

Christopher King said...

Justice comes in many ways and is required for many reasons.

Check your email tonight Brian.



Anonymous said...

Ok i will look at my email.

Education values of independence equal education, equal values for justice. To talk about concern issues, is good i beleave in history good people was concern for equal rights for justice.

Being wise, smart, good, is a start of a good person no matter of the color they may have, i always remember that.

I hope and pray to god that justice will come.

Anonymous said...

The idea is full potential. The idea is full potential, becouse i most know my self, do i have my full potential do i know my self ? Do i know my skills my values of education, my values of education is a postive education.

The idea is to understain the truth, follow the path of postive to be able to have truth. I learn becouse i am able to, i have given the mind to know who i am, so i most know who i am in full.

Learning = learn.
Right Education = get educated of truth.
facts = learn history.
justice = postive

Anonymous said...

If a person is a good person that wont equal rights for each person no matter of race. I think as if liers are to aim at good African American males on bias iq testing and on a postive education performance. A thinking like if it is all ready known about how African American men and African American woman in history stop slavery and now is out of the cotton fields making no pay just food and now we get paid.

A process of complete education is to learn about history ok, learn the facts in what happen we need to able to get good people out there helping children African American children, european children equal love, equal education, True Education Process.

Stop The Confusion, Stop the illusion. Show we can be able to do when i get my education performance wright and Jehovah helps me i will make a True Education Process building to help youth (men) and wright a book look out for a book called know Justice and equal love stop the confusion and the illusion equal rights, civil rights.

I am young but, still have a great mind and god did not make us stupid as people nor told us to stand away from the truth.

We most help each other that are good no matter of race we most help each other get the right education, get justice.