15 February 2008

KingCast saddened by disgraced cop Bobby Cutts' guilty verdict, still saddened by Bruce McKay's decline as well.

Jury to Cutts: Guilty as charged, for murder of your pregnant girlfriend. I told you about my Home State cop Bobby Cutts vis a vis Bruce McKay on a few occasions and this is one of them. Plus, the guy's black, too and no matter what people say, when a brother does something wrong many people hold it against "our" race.
"For nine days he kept the location of [Davis' body] a secret and went on about his life, every day knowing that Jessie and Chloe were laying there rotting away, destroying the evidence."

Model Nikki Giavasis tried to warn us about Mr. Cutts, just as people tried to warn Franconia about Bruce McKay and his knife use. She's a lot easier on the eye than rat bastard Bobby so I went with her for the art.

NBA Superstar and my Cleveland home boy Shawn Kemp probably has no comment.

So sad a day for LE.

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Christopher King said...

......Jennifer WHO?