25 February 2008

KingCast proposed ORDER in KingCast & Jesseman v. Union Leader.

That video capture is from KingCast short film Lawyerman, where I pet a puppy named Lassie about 5 seconds after this action shot, and went on to secure the right to publish and broadcast Deposition testimony online. Anyway, I walked into the courthouse this morning bright and early (i.e. 8:03 a.m) only to discover that there would be a 30-45 day wait for requested relief on the issue of evidence preservation. As that is clearly an issue with the State Defendants regarding the fingerprint evidence as noted in yesterday's post, I will return to file a Motion for ex parte relief tomorrow.

Here is the proposed order, it's pretty simple.
This matter came before the Court on January 26, 2008 pursuant to a Complaint for Declaratory Judgment. The issue in the underlying case is an attempt of the Complaining Parties to obtain the Internet Protocol (IP) address and other contact information of some person or persons who allegedly issued false online statements to the Union Leader in a public discussion room. It is essential to the case that the evidentiary trail be maintained.

As such, Defendant is hereby ORDERED not to purge or to otherwise destroy or alter any back up files, mirror files, hard drives, paper printouts or any potential discovery in this matter until it is resolved to the satisfaction of the Court and all Parties.

Tomorrow morning I'll walk back into the Courthouse to file on my return from CT, as I have to go down there to get another CR 250R for my crazy Canadian posse. It's KingCastic!!! Newsflash: Them bikes are FAST. Fast streetbikes don't scare me. A CR 250R, even in stock form with about 50 two-stroke hp., does kinda' scare me. You need really watch what the hell you are doing on those things, or you'll soon be OFF of that thing, potentially bleeding. Really.

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