04 February 2008

KingCast presents: Bruce McKay OC spraying Sarah, brought to you by and through KingCast litigation, and nowhere else.

The DVD, which I reviewed in this post, now appears on YouTube one and two. In the still shot you'll soon see she's not fighting back to McKay (note her open hand on the top of his patrol car) but he's busy tossing her about anyway. Then to ask her later after she's totally subdued "You want some more spray?" is just uncanny police abuse.

And Sarah's lawyer -- Troy Watts -- wrote me this email claiming that McKay lied in open Court. FWIW I believe him, but of course the State cannot find a copy of the complaint. I hope Judge Vaughn nails them to the wall on that one. Here's the Courtroom audio.


Christopher King said...

The question we must ask ourselves as citizens and legislators is this:

Why was it that Bruce McKay was perpetually involved in escalated "routine" traffic stops?

Could it be that there is something wrong with him, as noted in the 13 page complaint by Ms. B regarding the knife near labia issue, you know when she specifically told them that he had communication issues?

Anonymous said...

North country le is a bottomless pit of perfidy and Bruce McKay is a shining example.

Anonymous said...

He was one eerily cold bast**d. He is creepy, sleazy calm and loved freaking her out. You don't tell someone put up your window and step out of the car w/out explaining what is going on. She asks why and he just repeats himself. How about him saying, "I write the rules"?

As a woman this would have seriously frightened me especially if I was unaware of the fact that I had accidentally let my license expire. I would have been afraid to believe him and been scared to get in his patrol car because of how controlling and un-explaining he was.

He made it clear he was not going to explain things to her as he only repeated the same words when she asked questions. She wanted to take her things because she didn't know what was happening to her or her car.

He just escalates things and scares the crap out of people by saying the same thing over and over when they want clarification. He was a deeply disturbed man that seemed to maintain this very weird calmness that would actually creep a person out. His voice and methodical tone is sooooo creepy.

I also noticed he did that really exaggerated breathing thing like in 03 with Liko. I remember thinking the guy was faking it then and playing up for the camera. This confirms it. This tiny girl left him all winded? What a crock! He sprays this petite, very nervous and upset girl in the face instead of calming her down he makes it worse. Why? Because he got off it. It is so obvious he took pleasure it doing this to people. I would like to see every dash cam video from that jerks cruiser.

Can't you just hear him?

Liko - "I would like to request that another Officer handle this stop"

McKay - "Not your choice Liko"

Liko - "I would like another officer present during this stop"

McKay - "Not your choice, Liko"

"Not your choice, Liko"
"Not your choice, Liko"
"Not your choice, Liko"

I feel sick to my stomach after watching what he did to that young girl. He was disgusting.

Christopher King said...


It would be one thing if Sarah's case existed in a vacuum but of course it does not.

That penis-shaped knife issue is paramount.


"I recommended he be sent to a certified psychologist for cognitive testing for communication and control issues... this could cause serious problems for officer McKay or Franconia."

"I said that ambiguity in policy and procedures makes Bruce McKay a dangerous person."

"I said I am not writing to retaliate and said this should serve as an instrument to warn Franconia of a dangerous situation."

Anonymous said...

I was expecting to see the visual of Sara that is on your blog post. Where did that shot come from?

Is it normal to arrest someone if their license has expired? I have known the police to give someone a ticket and a certain amount of days - like seven days to send in a copy of their updated license.

I was really grossed out by him telling her to get dressed!!!! Say what??? What is the worst that it could have possibly been? Her fly was open or the top button on her slacks? He was intentionally humiliating her and it was sexually harassing so I get where you felt him asking about her wanting more spray had a sexual overtone. I felt that he had that tone in his voice as soon as he got her upset. Oh...gross, just so gross.

Anonymous said...

I feel so completely disgusted when I think of the terror the other woman went through with the knife. I cannot believe nothing was ever done about this man. It is truly unforgivable that he was allowed to police people and get away with the things he did. Each thing he got away with made him more bold for the next encounter until.....he thought perhaps he could even get away with murder.

Christopher King said...


That picture was a stock photo of a military exercise.

Speaking of exercise, perhaps the best way for LE to honor his life, times and demise would be to use his videos for training exercises for other, responsible LE so they don't engage in the sort of nonsense in which he engaged.

Meanwhile, here's the Official Bruce McKay Highway.

PS: You know what? I'll bet there's a dash cam video of Ms. B..... can't believe I haven't thought to ask for that, but guess what I'm asking for in about five (5) minutes.....

Anonymous said...

I felt the same way 10:35, thanks for your post.

Is it known exactly how many times this psychopath and sociopath used pepper spray? then compare that with usage by professional LE in the area?

the screams of that woman are sickening and haunting; he was a total predator. important to remember that this was not an isolated incident for this rogue.

once again, a stop that could have been EASILY handled by an actual professional officer without violence and mace.

makes me heartsick.

he freaked her out purposely and then let her have it.
i am absolutely glad this guy is off duty.

The officials knew of all this; and much, much more, and allowed him, which encouraged him to do this over and over again.
Franconia needs public select sessions on all FPD hiring, firing and other PD issues. The Chief position should not be a lifetime appt. without re-certification being voted upon in public session.
Time to start cleaning up this mess in a legal matter so that this kind of creepy slezeball can never terrorize our towns again.
As long as Belz, Mcleod(s) and Montminny are in power, the community is still extremely endangered.
Not just because of the obvious with Killer Floyd, but because of their knowing complicity and collaboration and continuing to hide the public materials; declare them lost, or just refuse to release them thru the Concord lawyer that Franconia taxpayers are paying for without their consent.

Christopher King said...


Spoke with AJ Boisvert today. I'm not getting into that online, but you better believe she's still terrified of Gregory W. Floyd.

Ayotte doesn't know what to do, she's all caught up in this wicked bad.

Wicked bad.

And getting worse by the minute.


Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 11:04:47 -0800 (PST)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: KingCast demands RSA 91-A dash cam of McKay v. Ms. B.
To: USANH.Webmail@usdoj.gov, wchristie@shaheengordon.com, wshaheen@shaheengordon.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, Nancy.Smith@doj.nh.gov, James.Kennedy@doj.nh.gov, bud.fitch@dohj.nh.gov, dmullen@ranspell.com, wchapman@orr-reno.com,

4 February 2008

Dear Attorney Mullen:

Please have your client provide a copy of the dash cam videos for the following:

1. Any and all arrests in Fox Hill Park

2. The traffic stop of [Ms. B]

3. All McKay stops for DUI suspects 1 Jan 2004 to present.

Thank you for your prompt attention in this matter.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

Christopher King said...

People crack me up, writing in here to malign the efforts of the Franconia Collective:

"Don't confuse activity with action and results...."

We got your results right here, pal.

And more to follow from Judge Vaughn I'm sure. As I say, I'm not gonna' win on all the issues.... but neither will they.


Anonymous said...

I was so upset by this it made me cry. I am so saddened by the corruption that tried to hide McKay's sadistic nature. This is so completely outrageous how could anyone commend this man? The media had better show the public this video. This shows the truth of McKay. The heavy breathing after a short scuffle w/ a timy woman? Sick sick sick.
Shame on everyone who knew the truth about McKay and tried to hide it an make him a HERO! What is wrong with these people? McKay is right, he obviously did write the rules as he was not fired after this incident. The AG's office has seen this and has not re-opened the investigation? They should have a task force to investigate, not be acting as they have. I am so ashamed of New Hampshire's government.
This should show the country that tyranny is celebrated in New Hampshire by it's own government.
It's not only Franconia. It is in other towns in the area as well. Do as they want with no reprecussions. It is clearly time for citizens to take a serious stand. I am so deeply saddened to realize just how bad McKay was. No wonder why Liko was so completely terrified. Chris, send this to the major media please. The Country needs to know.
Put this together with Floyd's most recent criminal threatening, and most people would be saying "What sort of thugs are running that state?" My condolence to Sarah for having to go through such a traumatic event. She informed him she is a coach for children, involved with the big brother/sister program has never done anything illegal. How can a police officer do this to a person and remain in their position afterward? Corruption. Sad sick governing sleezeballs. This is the United States, not Iran, not a dictatorship. Having this occur in the United States and have the powers that be view it and say it is o.k is against all principles this Country was founded on. Shame shame shame. Furthermore, shame on anyone who does not finally take a stand to assure this never happens again.

Christopher King said...

A New Day is dawning in the North Country, and it is led by the people who stand up.

And that would include people like Jeff Jesseman, running for Franconia Selectman.

Here's his platform.

Anonymous said...

I have to say that seeing this video after watching the previous ones is horrifying. This girl spoke with this timid tiny voice to start with and seemed very insecure with what was happening to her. He was terrible. How much effort does a little kindness take but nooooo...that was not his MO and would not give this power monger the kicks he was needing to sustain his very weak and small ego.

As she begged and pleaded for help and it appeared she was asking for HIS help he asked her if she wanted some more spray. He does that creepy laugh with Sarah just like in the 03 one where Liko is so disturbed in the backseat and says he didn't touch his testicles. Liko is saying his rights are being violated and McKay is laughing. Sarah is hysterical and he LAUGHS at her. What a total disgusting moron. Nothing but a man with/out a heart and I have news for Sharon Davis, she would have been the one crying under McKay's brow beating antics in a couple of years.

I challenge anyone to say as they dared to over Liko that Sarah is a whining baby. What did someone say? "Liko cried like a girl"? Let another guy be in handcuffs and manhandled by three cops and see how it feels when you have committed no crime but to ask for an explanation. This is an atrocity that the FPD saw these videos and let this man behave this way - unreal. Momtminy needs his head examined on this one!!!

Christopher King said...


Forgot about the laugh bit.

Yeah, McKay had issues.

Which in turn meant that Franconia had issues.

Anonymous said...

I agree 12:45, Montminny literally NEEDS to have an investigation into his own pscyhe and entire departmental relationsips with this scenario. When did he lose control of this known rogue, and why?
Extremely relevant.

Mckay had too many sexual elements in his disturbed perpatration of these victims. The shoot and spray device is all too metaphorically rich, to be ignored in a psycho/sexual context.

This is real ugly stuff. It's all a seduction and setup and climax. suave control, huffing and puffing; i'm surprised he didn't have a cigareette afterwards, "better get dressed." This guy is a classic batterer.
Only with a badge. The worst kind of criminal.

Here he had some sense of domination and control; This is abnormal behavior. That 13 page complaint to the selectboard? i'd like to see that again. That woman is a professional and nailed his behavior category.

I'd like to see the analyses by other professionals in the psychiatric/psychology, and related disciplines.

This is truly ugly stuff and reveals a lot about him. I want to see every single cap cam, and/or every single complete original report(s) of EVERY SINGLE stop this guy EVER made that resulted in ANY kind of use of force. Where's the "use of force" report on this one, or did the dog eat this one too?

The officials who perpetrated and allowed this to contiue and ARE STILL PROTECTING AND HIDING INFORMATION ABOUT, make me sick. Carl Belz, Rich Mcleod, Martha McCleod, Chief Montminny; imo these people are cowards and criminals, and enablers, protectors, collaborators in many ways, of the worst kind of abuse. They can not be this dumb. They are complicit. They are STILL sitting on the people's information and protecting Mckays double, and possibly his direct collaborator, (think of Floyd's presence at macs, the gas station...hovering, scanning, etc... The Mckay/Floyd relationship HAS NEVER BEEN INVESTIGATED...
This whole thing stinks.

There is no healing from this, without cleansing and the open light of total information. The fact that they are witholding these materials and other evidence is criminal.

These rats will destroy evidence before yielding it. We need the Feds on this. The town needs some huge help here. ACLU, something...women's right groups need to come into this now. National and Regional health care professonals of note NEED to come forward NOW.

Christopher King said...


Don't look now but I just got an email from the AG's office stating that they are going to object to my pending Interrogatory and RFP requests on ballistics and fingerprint reports.

Even as Trooper Cooper says that information is important, i.e. "what condition is Liko's gun in now and how did it get that way."

It's all in this post.

Watch for a new post tonight on this. We've struck a nerve, but GOOD.


Christopher King said...

Here's the link to the new post about the Interrogatory dodging, regarding the ballistics and fingerprint information.

Anonymous said...

this is painful, stunning footage of a seemingly disturbed and sadistic officer.
my impression is also that there is a highly charged sexual component to mckay's behavior exactly as 3:12 describes.
Sarah and Liko were his victims to taunt and control.
i am saddened, and nearly speechless.

Christopher King said...


Exactly. Why do you think they tried to avoid giving this to me since 27 July 2007.

The only highway for Bruce McKay is the highway to Hell.

Anonymous said...

Hey....can we get Febraury 9,2004 McKay dashcam video...you know, the night Maura Murray went missing??? Norman was where that night? At a motel?

And who was the Campton officer questioned about a missing female?

Easton resident.

Anonymous said...

"This is real ugly stuff. It's all a seduction and setup and climax. suave control, huffing and puffing; i'm surprised he didn't have a cigareette afterwards, "better get dressed." This guy is a classic batterer.
Only with a badge. The worst kind of criminal.


This says it all. I was not sure exactly how to put it w/out being too too tooo.......but yes you absolutely see this guys process. When I said he "gets off on it", I mean it literally. He was one sick dude. It was horrible to listen to this because this girl was completely broken down and collapsed and he was chuckling. There is his cigarette moment and he had that with Liko in the cruiser. The get dressed comment, slamming her body up against the car, roughing her up....this was his climax like putting his damn crouch in Liko's face and punching him. The setup and seduction as you called it is when he does this methodical overly calm disconnected thing with the person and they are thrown off their center, bewildered and unsure of what is happening to them....they reach out to engage, to understand what is going on, talk with him, attempt to communicate. He won't and the person gets more upset and less in control of their emotions. That is the moment they are wide open for him to go in for the score. He makes the rules.

Christopher King said...

5:40 and 6:09, wow guys, wow.


I get a really creepy feeling when I think about Bruce McKay and his protectors, all the way to the top, Kelly Ayotte, Shaheen & Gordon protecting Floyd, probably paid by Martha McLeod.....

Bill Shaheen is a dirtbag for trying to ghetto-ize Barack Obama with the cocaine thing, then saying "oopsie my bad" before stepping down as a Clinton campaign manager.


Anonymous said...

I am surprised that along with a cigarette we didn't hear "Was it as good for you as it was for me?"

Instead of the Marlboro Man we have the Gotcha Man.

Christopher King said...


Funny you should mention that.

Floyd had a coupla' butts after he murdered Liko.

Look at the butt link in this post to those butts on the ground. Liko didn't smoke. Caleb doesn't smoke. Ashtray in the shootermobile.

Hope it was good for you Gregory. Enjoy your prison stint.