17 February 2008

KingCast jam of the Day for Franconia and beyond: Hugh Masekela's "Coal Train."

No more slavery. Chant down evil corporate godheads and bad state actors like NH AG Kelly Ayotte and State Rep Martha McLeod, who just got shut down twice and demoted after arguing to name a highway after a bad cop named Bruce McKay, who terrorized Liko Kenney and other folks -- youth and adults -- whom he chose not to like. Start a revolution. Listen up; at about 5:00 the song comes alive.

Related post: Lawsuit on 21 Feb. 2008 to discover the IP address of the tool who misappropriated Brian Jesseman's likeness in claiming that he was in support of HB 1428 for "Bruce McKay highway."

Related KingCast video: Live Revolution.


Christopher King said...

That brother is so STRONG.

And that sister sure is easy on the eye :)

Christopher King said...

BTW people have been asking me when a ruling will issue from Judge Vaughn.

I tell them three things:

1. There are a LOT of complex issues for him to address.

2. We have had new issues ongoing for him to consider, including Defendant Ayotte refusing to turn over ballistic and fingerprint evidence regarding 3 time felon Gregory W. Floyd in spite of well-established law.

3. Judge Vaughn has had his hands full preparing for a really ugly Murder trial, that of Cary Indelicato -- no, that last name is not a misprint.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, if its my first amendment right, I'd just like to say if its gonna be that kind of party, i'm gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatos. Ha!!

Coltrane Rocks!

you rock Chris, keep it up!

everybody look whats goin down....

'sup jess

Liko's memorial is in Lexington

Christopher King said...

Hey, watch that profanity up in here in my blawg.....

Christopher King said...

Oh, yah:

And here is Liko's Memorial, from 26 June.

" I am a freshly graduated law student from St. Louis. And just those few seconds of footage, made me feel ill. The spraying, and of course the shooting. Something was horribly wrong there. Reading your Blog, I get the sense that I am right. Thanks and I will be visiting again, this is not your usual police officer shooting."

By Anonymous, at 4:57 PM